Whirlpool Duet WED9151YW 6.7 Cu. Ft. White Electric Dryer Review

The Whirlpool Duet WED9151YW is very much a bargain buy.


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The knows exactly what it is - it's a dryer. It doesn't have lots of fancy extra features, no flashing lights, no glossy exterior in unusual colors. It's a basic, user-friendly dryer. That said, it's by no means just a box. This uses sensor drying technology, has multiple preset cycles, and a control interface that's not unpleasant to look at and explains clearly what is going on with your clothes. It's an appliance that sticks to basics without shunning the small aesthetic advances that have been made to improve what is arguably one of the simpler appliances that can be found in a household today. For it's size and limited features, the may be priced a bit higher than some consumers may like, with an MSRP of $799. We managed to find it on sale for under $575, though, and if you can track down that kind of price, you may just find yourself in the laundry room singing in harmony with the .


The has a very basic design without any fancy tweaks. The machine uses a standard glossy white finish. The round door has a semi-transparent window without any varied highlights. A traditional knob for cycle alteration is accompanied by a rudimentary control panel with buttons for adjusting certain drying features.

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The uses an unremarkable lint trap. It’s located at the center of the door frame on the bottom, and is average in both design and durability.

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Speed & Performance Overview

For a mid-priced dryer, performance was surprisingly consistent, and drying times on the were actually shorter than average despite its small size. Preset cycles never concluded within the estimated durations, but compared to other models, the managed to get clothes dry slightly faster on both the Normal and Delicate cycles.

Normal Cycle Performance

We almost never see a dryer that can’t get clothes dry on its Normal cycle, and the is no exception to the rule. The impressive thing here is that this appliance not only managed to get clothes down to 100 percent of their bone dry weight, but it did it in only 45 minutes. Most dryers take at least an hour, which means this appliance will allow you to do laundry in slightly less time.

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Delicates Cycle Performance

The Delicate cycle test results are both impressive and concerning. True, the managed to get clothes completely dry in just under an hour. Many other dryers take at least an extra half hour and still can’t reach that perfectly dry result. However, the caveat here is that temperatures peaked at 135 degrees Fahrenheit. This is somewhat warm for a preset Delicate cycle. If fragile fabrics are exposed to high temperatures for too long, they can start to wear out and fade, meaning if you dry them too often in this , you may find yourself needing to replace them more often than you would with a gentler dryer.

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Bulky Cycle Performance

A frequent problem that the fell prey to was drying sensor technology that only picked up the level of moisture on the outside edge of our test comforter. The estimated duration for its Heavy Duty cycle was 40 minutes, but it finished in just 27 despite the fact that our material had only reached 59 percent of its bone dry weight. The outer edge of the comforter was completely dry, but the interior was still quite damp and hadn’t reached as high of a temperature. If you use this dryer, you’ll find yourself having to take clothes out, shift them around, and start the cycle again in order to get adequate results.

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Quick Dry Cycle Performance

The ’s Small Load cycle performed excellently in our Quick Dry test. In just 27 minutes, our test materials were 87 percent closer to bone dry weight. Most equivalent cycles, whether it’s called Quick Dry or Speed Dry or something else, can’t get a load of clothes more than halfway dry in such a short amount of time. The nearly managed to hit that mark, though, and it may have to with the rapidly-heated interior. It peaked at 142 degrees Fahrenheit, just a bit less than the peak on the Normal. This means the can get itself up to temperatures needed to appropriately dry clothes in an short amount of time.

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Dry Cycles

With six preset cycles, including a variation on Normal designed to maximize energy efficiency, the hits all the standard preset cycle points. In addition to the standard Normal, Delicate, and Heavy Duty options, you get two extra preset cycles, one of which is designed to just get clothes to a damp state so it can be line dried. The also has three timed cycles – one for regular drying, one for small loads, and one to get rid of wrinkles. If you want really specialized drying, though, this machine is definitely not an appropriate choice.

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As far as cycle alteration, this machine hits all the basic points. For timed cycles, you can adjust duration down to the minute. There are also five different levels of temperature to choose from. On the preset cycles, you have three different settings of dryness level that you can select. Other than that, there’s really not much else to choose from.

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Additional Drying Options

Just one extra feature here – for any cycle, you can turn on the Wrinkle Shield option, which will keep clothes tumbling for up to 90 minutes after the cycle concludes to reduce the creation of wrinkles. There is, in addition, another function that doesn’t affect your clothes – the button that toggles the cycle signal can be held to lock the controls once the dryer starts, a potentially useful feature for households with inquisitive children.


Like the overall design of the , the controls are very basic. However, they manage to avoid the trap of being ugly or cheap despite their being so basic and intuitive to use. The cycles are selected using a rotating knob that isn’t quite as sturdy as those found on higher-end models, but it never felt like it was going to break off. The customizable features are controlled using a series of straightforward buttons, and all the settings are signified using easy-to-interpret green lights on a panel that also lists remaining drying time.

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The door was nothing special. It opens with minimal force, the grip is fine without being unusually comfortable, and never had to be slammed in order to close it.

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Lint Trap

The uses an unremarkable lint trap. It’s located at the center of the door frame on the bottom, and is average in both design and durability.

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The is very much a bargain buy. More often than not, clothes came out completely dry as a result of an excellent internal sensor and high temperatures. Nevertheless it had some issues with large items, and those same high temperatures could lead to overall clothes damage after an extended period of time. Controls are simple to use both because of an easy-to-read layout, and also because this appliance lacked any fancy extra features. This is very much a good dryer that could never be confused with an excellent one, but thankfully the price reflects that. If you can find it on sale, the $799 MSRP could be cut down as low as $575, making this a solid contender for consumers with a tight budget.

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