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HSN's online arcade lets you earn rewards and win prizes—here’s what you should know

Explore HSN's hub for casual gaming, HSN Arcade.

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You might be familiar with the term “gamification,” but even if it’s your first time hearing it, you’ve most likely encountered it before. These game-like incentives on websites are so relevant to most forms of e-commerce today. From quizzes on websites like Winc that help you determine what kind of wine you might want to the use of sweepstakes to encourage user sign-ups for shopping sites, there are many iterations of gamification online. According to a report by RetailDive, gamification enhances app usage, encouraging users to spend more time on apps and therefore more time immersed in the “world,” so to speak, of whatever business or product they’re browsing.

In 2015, home shopping company HSN branched out into the gaming space in the form of HSN Arcade, a game library located on HSN’s website. The company cited the overlap between the HSN audience and the mobile gaming audience as the reasoning behind the move. But what exactly is the point of the HSN Arcade, and why should shoppers care? Ahead, we’ve broken down exactly what this unique gaming experience has to offer and why HSN shoppers should be taking advantage of it.

What is HSN Arcade?

HSN Arcade is HSN’s hub for gaming, offering access to over 40 different games. The games themselves are either arcade-themed or similar to mobile games like Words With Friends and Candy Crush. You can play the HSN Arcade games directly through its web page, but some games like Spin 2 Win require an account to play. Logging into your HSN account allows you to play games and log your tickets and winnings in order to ensure you're eligible for various sweepstakes, prizes, and deals of the day. Playing games without an HSN account is free on the web page, but doesn’t include the full catalogue.

What games are available on HSN Arcade?

An image of a label for the MahJongg Dark Dimension, which is overlayed by a tag indicating that it's the HSN game of the week.
Credit: HSN Arcade

Play the Game of the Week with HSN Arcade.

HSN Arcade is home to over 40 games that can be played on its web page, including games like The Daily Word Search, Jigsaw Puzzle, Bubble Dragons, Bridge, The Daily Crossword, MahJongg Candy, Tri Peaks Solitaire, Sudoku, and more. The games are all arcade-style games that come from developers like MahJongg, MSN Games, and more, all rounded up in one arena for users.

There are also several HSN-specific games that link players back directly to the products that feature in the games. If you’re not a fan of ads in mobile games or casual games, then this might end up being a bit of a turn-off, but, seeing as how these games are the most popular on the site, the general HSN Arcade audience doesn’t seem to mind. The most popular game on the site is a solitaire game, Beauty Report Solitaire, which features The Beauty Report with Amy Morrison; the game has over 2 million plays logged. Other HSN games include Spin 2 Win, Mahjongg - Monday Night Show (featuring HSN show host Adam Freeman), and Flip Out.

What can you win on HSN Arcade?

When you earn tickets with HSN Arcade, you can use those winnings to enter sweepstakes for actual items that HSN is selling or promoting. The items on offer in the sweepstakes range from small items like face creams and cosmetics, to larger offerings like vacuums, security systems, and more. HSN Arcade also features a “Game of the Week,” which can be played in order to gain entry to a lottery for certain free items each week.

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The ticket system does give the online arcade a distinctly “arcade” feel, allowing players to accumulate their tickets and winnings over time and spend them on the sweepstakes of their choice.

How does it compare to other game libraries and gaming services?

A bit like Amazon Prime Gaming, HSN Arcade is meant to function as an extension of HSN, in the sense that it offers users an additional platform that’s intended to enhance their experience shopping at the retailer. Unlike Prime Gaming, though, HSN Arcade is at its core a game library, providing users with free entertainment that is connected, but also at times separate, from the HSN core catalogue of shopping content and shows.

There aren’t a lot of specifically targeted or curated game libraries out there, at least not in the mainstream, making the HSN Arcade a truly unique gaming initiative. Most game libraries or subscriptions, like XBox Game Pass, are broadly targeted and feature a console catalogue, rather than games rounded up for a specific audience. However, if you’re a dedicated HSN shopper who also enjoys online gaming, the HSN Arcade is certainly worth checking out.

Visit the HSN Arcade

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