The 20 best things you can buy at The North Face

Bundle up with these iconic products.

The 20 best things you can buy at The North Face Credit: Reviewed / The North Face

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For your next ski trip, winter hike, or just a trip to the grocery store on a cold day, you’re going to want to bundle up in something from The North Face. Founded by two hikers in 1966, tis outdoorsy brand knows a thing or two about what the modern explorer needs and has crafted some of the warmest, most durable and sustainable jackets, fleeces, and boots on the market. Even better, they look good, too.

From the iconic Denali Jacket to comfortable backpacks and more, The North Face has the essentials you need to survive the peak of winter and your day-to-day life. Here are the 25 best things to buy at The North Face that are both practical and stylish.

Arctic Parka
Credit: The North Face

This puffy parka has some flattering details.

Nothing says you’re ready for winter quite like a parka. The Arctic Parka is stuffed with 550-fill down insulation and is waterproof, breathable, and windproof. It has some feminine details, with a faux fur hood and elastic waistband, so it doesn’t appear too bulky. With more than 1,700 5-star reviews, this might be the most popular coat on the site. Reviewers agree that it's warm and stylish, and with five sleek colors to choose from it’s definitely worth a look.

Get the Women’s Arctic Parka II for $299

2. Touchscreen gloves that actually work

Etips Gloves
Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

Yes, these are the best fitting touchscreen gloves we've ever tested.

One of the most frustrating parts of cold weather is exposing your precious digits to the cold air to respond to a text. Yes, touchscreen gloves exist, but most don't actually work or keep your hands warm, and often fall apart after a few uses. But, after testing the Etip Gloves from the North Face, we found a happy medium. They’re the best fitting touchscreen gloves we’ve ever tested because not only do they have a snug fit, but you can use all five fingers—not just the thumb and index finger—on the screen. They’re not the warmest gloves on the market, but they’re great for chilly days or cold-weather runs.

3. One of our favorite backpacks for students

Jester Backpack
Credit: The North Face

This pack packs comfort, style, and storage.

Back in high school, nearly everyone I knew owned a Jester Backpack. They have a comfortable mesh-covered padding and come in a ton of stylish colors. After spending four years using one daily and tossing it into lockers on the regular, I can personally attest to their durability, too. We named it one of our favorite backpacks for its comfort and surprising sapce and think it’s great to pick up for work or the school year.

4. A parka with plenty of storage

McMurdo Parka
Credit: The North Face

Pockets, pockets, and more pockets.

The first thing that stands out about this parka is all of its pockets. There are four large exterior pockets, as well as a secure interior pocket that's ideal for holding your phone and listening to music with wired headphones (if you still use those). It's made with 550-fill down insulation for extra warmth without the added bulk. Even better, both the hood and faux-fur ruff are removable—if that’s not your style.

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Get the Men’s McMurdo Parka III for $330

5. A completely timeless fleece coat

Denali Jacket
Credit: The North Face

This coat is absolutely timeless.

The Denali Jacket was on my middle school wish list. Everyone had one and there was something so iconic about the black on black fleece and nylon combination—and it still is. It’s perfect as a light coat on a chilly day and goes with pretty much everything, which is why it’s still as popular as ever. It’s literally The North Face after all. My parents wound up getting me a children's extra-large (that's neither here nor there) and I'm going to see if it still fits.

6. A duffle that’s ideal for weekend getaways

Base Camp Duffel
Credit: The North Face

Enough space for a short trip.

For a small, durable duffel with a surprising amount of space, look no further than the Base Camp Duffel from The North Face. With 50-liters of volume, you’ll be able to stuff everything you need for your next weekend getaway or camping trip. It also works as a carry-on and you can even wear it as a backpack to give your arms a rest while traveling.

Get the Base Camp Duffel for $120

7. A raincoat guaranteed to keep you dry

Venture Jacket
Credit: The North Face

This coat is ideal for spring showers.

Nearly 3,000 people recommend The North Face’s Venture Jacket. This raincoat is waterproof, breathable, and perfect for hiking. Although it’s quite light, you’ll be happy you scooped up this jacket when the spring showers arrive. Plus, reviewers say it’s roomy enough to wear a fleece underneath, so you can still stay toasty on chillier days.

8. A fleece made for layering

Osito Jacket
Credit: The North Face

You'll never want to take this thing off.

Does anything look more comfortable than this jacket? It’s made with fleece that is so soft that you’ll never want to take it off. Don’t just take my word for it. One of my coworkers highly recommends the Osito Jacket and hundreds of reviewers gave it a 5-star rating for its durability and comfort.

Get the Women’s Osito Jacket for $99

9. Boots with the style of trendy sneakers

Credit: The North Face

Are these sneakers or snow boots?

The Back-to-Berkeley Boots don’t look like snow boots but trust us, they can handle sleet, snow, ice, and just about anything else in the harsh cold. They have the look of sneakers but they’re actually waterproof, insulated, and have great traction, meaning they’re stylish enough to wear indoors and outdoors. Reviewers love how comfortable they are, but do warn that they’re a little short, so they might not be the best choice for days with multiple feet of snow.

Get the Men’s Back-to-Berkeley Redux Leather Boots for $130

Salty Dog Beanie
Credit: The North Face

A classic beanie with the classic logo.

A good beanie must be warm enough to keep your ears toasty, but also stylish enough that you'll still want to wear it indoors. The North Face shoppers love the Salty Dog beanie for its cool dock-master style and warm jersey lining. Despite having a knitted look, no gust of wind will pass through this hat per reviewers.

Get the Salty Dog Beanie for $26

11. These fashionable slides to run errands in

Base Camp Slides
Credit: The North Face

Yes, slides are still cool.

Trust me, slides are still just as trendy as ever. They're easy to slip on before taking out the trash, going to the grocery store, or running errands—and you'll look good doing it. These ones from The North Face are a cult-favorite since they're so comfortable and have such a good grip, meaning you won't slip in your slides.

12. An insulating jacket meant for cold weather

Apex Bionic Jacket
Credit: The North Face

This makes a great base layer for your winter activities.

When it comes to skiing, sledding, and general winter fun, you want to layer up—and this thermal jacket is a great base layer for under a winter coat. The highly rated (more than 1,200 reviews!) Apex Bionic jacket has a lightweight feel, but it gets tons of praise from reviewers for its warmth and wind resistance, which makes it great for layering.

13. A wheeled duffel that works as a carry-on

Rolling Thunder Duffel
Credit: The North Face

The perfect size for a flight.

A wheeled duffle is an ideal bag for traveling because you can wheel it through the airport as a carry-on instead of lugging it around on your shoulder. At 22 inches, this one from The North Face is spacious enough to fit everything for a week-long trip (depending on how you pack). People love it for its size and resiliency, and one reviewer even claimed it has lasted them for more than 11 years (!!).

Get the Rolling Thunder 22 inch Wheeled Duffle for $269

14. A surprisingly warm yet slim jacket

Thermoball Eco Jacket
Credit: The North Face

Super light and super insulated.

In the winter it’s essential to bundle up, but those cumbersome coats can sometimes make you feel heavy and overheated. Enter the Thermoball Eco Jacket. It has this cool puffed insulation made entirely of post-consumer recycled polyester, which insulates incredibly well. Even better, it comes in a ton of color options and only weighs 13 ounces, making it ideal for moving about on hikes and for most day-to-day activities.

15. A casual pullover for all seasons

Gordon Lyons Pullover
Credit: The North Face

Because everyone could use a new pullover.

If there’s one piece of clothing that everyone needs in their arsenal, it’s a solid quarter zip. This casual pullover is easy to throw on but can be dressed up with a nice button-down. Reviewers love the Gordon Lyons one from The North Face because it’s super comfortable and comes in an array of color options, so you might as well get more than one.

Get the Men’s Gordon Lyons ¼ Zip Pullover $89

16. A heavier raincoat for spring showers

Resolve Jacket
Credit: The North Face

For when you want a little more warmth on a rainy day.

The Resolve Jacket offers the same waterproofing, wind-resistance, and breathability as the Venture, but it’s a little warmer and less expensive. It’s still a popular option at The North Face for its added warmth, which earned it more than 1,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating.

17. A vest with a retro vibe

Retro Nuptse Vest
Credit: The North Face

This 90s vest will never go out of style.

During those odd months where it's in-between warm and cold, a vest can make all the difference. This one is inspired by the OG Nuptse Vest, which was created back in 1996, so it’s very trendy considering the 90s have made such a huge comeback. It’s also made with 700 fill goose down, so you can rest assured that your chest will stay nice and snug. In fact, some reviewers claim it’s the warmest vest they own.

Get the Men’s 1996 Retro Nuptse Vest for $179

18. These warm socks for skiing and more

Smartwool Socks
Credit: The North Face

These wool socks are warm and breathable.

Everyone could use a new pair of socks. Seriously, think about the last time you bought a pair. If you honestly can't remember, it's time to buy a few new pairs. We’re big fans of the Smartwool socks]( because they're made from a breathable wool blend and are just the right height to fit into a pair of boots. If you’re in the market for new wool socks, these are an incredible choice.

19. Boots for the snowiest of days

Shellista Boots
Credit: The North Face

Survive the winter in stylish snow boots.

When it should be a snow day, but you still need to trudge into work, a pair of warm, well-constructed snow boots are a must for your commute—or at least to shovel your car out. The Shellista boots are made from gorgeous waterproof leather and have a waterproof shell bottom that can withstand the cold elements. Reviewers like how comfortable and fashionable these boots are, and that they come at a nice mid-height to prevent snow from sneaking in.

Get the Women’s Shellista II Mid Boots for $140

20. A pair of thicker gloves you can still text with

Apex Etip Gloves
Credit: The North Face

These gloves are uber warm and have touchscreen functionality.

If you need some extra hand warmth, but still want to snap a pic on your phone during a hike without exposing your digits to the elements, the Apex Plus Etip Gloves are a must. They have the same touchscreen functionality as the Etip Gloves, but they’re thicker and more insulated, providing extra warmth on those colder days. Reviewers rave that they take hand warmth to a whole new level and still work well with a touch screen.

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