17 great last-minute gifts to get at Carter's

Deck the hall with adorable stuffed koalas

17 great last-minute gifts to get at Carter's Credit: Carter's

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Babies are incredibly fun to shop for, and that’s just a universal truth. You get to comb through soft blankets, jumpers with cute animals, and accessories that are just so adorably tiny. This year, I get to shop for a delightful five-month-old girl and a hilarious three-year-old boy, both of whom I can’t wait to dress in my favorite baby animals.

OK to clarify, they’re not my children—they’re my friend’s child and my nephew, but I’ve been browsing like I need to fill their entire wardrobes, finding the best onesies, shirts, and pajamas they need right now. And while I can’t find any that say, “I love my favorite aunt, Kate Ellsworth,” I am finding a crop of amazing gifts from Carter’s.

We took a look at the best gifts you can get at Carter’s under $25, but in case you’re anything like me—meaning you’re still shopping—there are a lot of great last-minute gifts you can still pick up at Carter’s. And even better, you can buy your presents online and pick them up in-store, so no need to start sweating about shipping (unless you’re like me, again, and just sweat a lot in general).

1. The world’s greatest sloth jumpsuit

Sloth jumpsuit
Credit: Carter's

If I had children, they’d all dress in these and I’d call them the “von Sloths.”

I am obsessed with this sloth jumpsuit from Carter’s, and based on its reviews, I’m not alone. It’s a soft, gray fleece jumpsuit that zips up the front and comes with a hood that has a sloth’s face on it. It’s perfect for sleeping, playing, and layering, especially on those chilly winter days. Reviewers give it a near-perfect 4.9-star rating at Carter’s, saying that it fits well, looks great, and keeps babies warm.

Get the Hooded Sloth Fleece Jumpsuit for $9

2. A graphic tee with a sassy snowman

Aboninable snowman
Credit: Carter's

I see this tee in baby and toddler, but they seem to have forgotten “grown woman.”

Abominable snowmen are apparently in this season, and you know what? I’m not mad about it. This sassy snowman stands out on this green tee, made for both babies and toddlers. It’s made from snow yarn jersey, so it’s extra soft. The tassels on this tee are made from yarn, so they stand out and add a layer of texture to the top. Trust us—this is one shirt that will put a big smile on your giftee’s face.

Get the Abominable Snowman Snow Yarn Jersey Tee for $5.40

3. This fox sweater that matches nearly every nursery

Fox sweatshirt
Credit: Carter's

This fox sweater is great for winter.

Does your giftee love woodland critters? This fox sweatshirt would make a great addition to their wardrobe. The sweater itself is made from fleece, while the fox on the chest is embroidered on the fabric. It pairs perfectly with leggings, denim, and khaki—plus it comes in a variety of sizes ranging from newborn to 4T, so if you’re shopping for a family, you can pick up a few matching sweaters.

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Get the Fox Fleece Sweatshirt for $12

4. Multipurpose leggings that come in 18 designs

Credit: Carter's

These leggings can be worn on their own or with dresses.

Leggings are an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe, whether she’s 3 or 30. Carter’s leggings have a near cult-like following, and with 18 patterns to choose from, you’re gifting a host of new outfits to the toddlers on your list. They pair perfectly with tees, sweaters, and dresses, and since they’re only $6, you can pick up several pairs before hitting your price limit.

Get Leggings for $6

5. An incredible hooded onesie for kids

Footless PJs
Credit: Carter's

Perfect for dinosaur, shark, and sloth lovers.

If you spotted the sloth hoodie at the beginning of this list and thought, “Man that’d be great for my nephew, but he’s 6 years old,” then I have great news: You can buy a pair of fleece footless pajamas for kids that have sloth hoods. Even better, this set of pajamas comes in seven styles, including two dinosaurs, two sloths, a leopard-print cat, and a shark. You may want to gift two pairs—one for them to wear on a daily basis, and another for them to wear while their parents are washing the first one.

Get the 1-Piece Hooded Fleece Footless PJs for $21

6. Baby’s first denim jacket (you’re welcome, parents)

Denim jacket
Credit: Carter's

No wardrobe is complete without a denim jacket.

We are happily welcoming the resurgence of ‘90s fashion with open arms, and while you could gift a set of scrunchies this season, opt instead for a timeless denim jacket, which matches nearly any outfit your giftee owns. This jacket is a top-seller at Carter’s, with reviewers describing it as high-quality, super stylish, and comfortable.

Get the Denim Jacket for $14.40

7. These burp cloths with happy koalas on them

Burping cloth
Credit: Carter's

You may not want to get these dirty, but thankfully they’re easy to clean.

Parents of young babies will never turn down diapers, baby wipes, or burp cloths. This four-pack from Carter’s comes with blue, white, striped, and animal print burp cloths, made from 100% cotton. They’re machine washable (thank goodness) and make perfect stocking stuffers for any babies or parents on your list.

Get the 4-Pack Koala Burp Cloths for $13

8. These incredible slippers that are half shoe, half toy

Shark shoes
Credit: Carter's

These incredible shark shoes will provide lots of entertainment.

Slippers are great presents for young ones—they’re clothing items that keep their feet warm, but to toddlers, they’re fun new fuzzy friends to play with (who happen to live on their feet). Don’t be surprised when your giftee starts talking to their slippers, and potentially even slipping them treats through their large, open mouths.

Get the Shark Slippers for $14

9. This adorable fleece onesie with a party llama

Llama PJs
Credit: Carter's

It’s hard to go wrong with buying something that has a llama on it.

Carter’s Sleep & Play line is among its most popular offerings, and this adorable party llama snap-up doesn’t disappoint. It ranges in size from premie to 9 months, while the snaps that extend from the chin to the ankle make it perfect for diaper changes. It also comes with built-in footies, so you don’t have to worry about pairing it with socks or shoes.

Get the Llama Snap-Up Fleece Sleep & Play for $7

10. These incredible koala shoes that will make you coo

Koala shoes
Credit: Carter's

Does it get cuter than koalas on baby shoes?

These padded shoes are as comfy as they are precious. They make perfect baby slippers, as they slip on easily but can’t be swiftly removed by the child. Reviewers note that their babies can’t easily kick them off, which is a huge bonus for kids who need the warmth, but refuse the constraints of clothing. Plus—I almost forgot the most important part—they have fluffy koalas on the front. Fluffy koalas!

Get the Koala Baby Shoes for $10.99

11. A true gift for the kid who thinks they’re the cat’s pajamas

Cat PJs
Credit: Carter's

The only thing cuter would be a child in these pajamas holding a kitten.

These snug-fit cotton pajamas come in five designs, but my favorite is the one featuring three happy cats approaching from all angles. The soft PJs feature a zip-front and built-in booties, plus they come in sizes for both babies and toddlers, meaning they could work for multiple children on your list.

Get the 1-Piece Cats Snug Fit Cotton Footie PJs for $9.99

12. ‘Star Wars’ tees for the coolest kid on your list

Star Wars tees
Credit: Carter's

My poor future children, Luke and Leia, will own everything here.

I am a huge “Star Wars” fan, so when it comes to any child I’m shopping for, their parents know to expect some kind of “Star Wars” present. Carter’s has a line of “Star Wars” tees for toddlers and kids that are perfectly suited for any young Jedi (or any Padawan whose parents are all about that galaxy far, far away).

The stormtrooper sequin tee is interactive—children can run their hands across the helmet to change colors on the soldier. The Rey tee is exactly what I would have loved as a small child, saving me from having to get all my “Star Wars” gear from the boy’s section at Kohl’s. And for the kid who loves the droids of “Star Wars,” this gray tee featuring BB-8 and D-0 is a must-own.

13. This classy plaid set perfect for holiday photos

Plaid jumper
Credit: Carter's

This adorable set is ideal for church, home, and picture time.

Know a baby who’s a budding fashionista? This two-piece plaid set is perfect for them—it comes with a basic white bodysuit and a plaid skirt with shoulder straps. It would look gorgeous in holiday photos or at grandma’s dinner table. Reviewers say it’s incredibly adorable and looks just like the picture on the site. They’ve paired it with large slippers, leggings, and fuzzy socks, all three of which make great supplemental presents.

Get the 2-Piece Bodysuit & Plaid Jumper Set for $17

14. This cult-favorite sherpa bunting

Sherpa bunting
Credit: Carter's

Is that a child? Or is that a stuffed animal?

Full-disclosure—I had to Google what a “bunting” was. It’s literally a hooded outfit made for infants, which is a spot-on description of this onesie from Carter’s. It’s made from 100% polyester sherpa, which means the babies wearing this suit stay warm and cozy, no matter the weather. It comes with footies and hand warmers, so parents don’t have to worry about their kids getting cold underneath.

Get the Sherpa Hooded Bunting for $20

15. A shirt with an open-able mouth

Monster tee
Credit: Carter's

You can literally open the mouth on this monster shirt.

I’m a grown woman and I’m obsessed with the zipper mouth on this monster shirt, so I feel pretty confident my three-year-old nephew will love it, too. As you open the monster’s mouth, you can see pizza in his throat—it’s probably what you’d see if you opened my mouth, but it’s not what I’d keep in my pocket if I wore this shirt. It’s perfectly sized for Legos, hair ties, and snacks.

Get the Interactive Monster Layered-Look Slub Tee for $8.99

16. These high-top sneakers with dinosaur scales

Dino sneakers
Credit: Carter's

Prepare to meet the coolest kid in the world after you gift these sneakers.

When I was young, having lights in your sneakers was incredibly cool—now, however, I’d be far more impressed by the kid with dinosaur scales on his heel. These high-tops feature a T. rex head on the sides and green scales on the back, meaning you can expect the recipient of these sneakers to say, “Did you see my dinosaurs?” every time they wear them.

Get the Dinosaur High Top Sneakers for $21

17. A gift card for the new parents

Gift card
Credit: Carter's

You can never go wrong with a gift card.

No time to shop? No shame—your giftee will be just as thrilled to receive a gift card to Carter’s, where they can pick out their own jumpers, dresses, and slippers. You can either send them a physical gift card in the mail or email them a digital one they can use immediately—your choice!

Get a gift card to Carter’s

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