15 products to keep your baby's skin healthy all winter long

Baby skincare for tots of all types.

Keep baby's skin hydrated this winter Credit: Mustela / Puttisu

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Just like their parents, babies have skincare needs, too—especially during the colder winter months. Cradle cap, eczema, dry skin, and diaper rash are all common skin issues that babies tend to experience. If you're looking for ways to treat these common skin concerns, there are plenty of product choices that address specific issues.

If your baby is allergic to certain ingredients like zinc or shea butter—or you have a premature baby with delicate skin—we've found a number of alternatives that are safe and gentle to use. From popular brands to those that you may not have heard about before, here are 15 baby skincare brands that can help comfort and soothe your baby.

1. Mustela

Credit: Mustela

Mustela is a classic European brand that produces great baby products.

The French skincare line launched its first baby’s cleansing milk in 1950. Since then, Mustela has been providing families with trusted skincare including the Baby Cleansing Gel and Baby Micellar Water, both containing aloe vera which heals and cools the skin.

2. Indigo Wild Zum Baby

Zum Baby
Credit: Indigo Wild

A lavender-scented bar soap that's safe for sensitive baby skin.

If you've been looking for a baby-friendly bar soap, Indigo WIld Zum Baby bar soaps are made with goat milk with a light scent of lavender, which will come in handy for bedtime. There’s even a laundry soap and nursery mist available to make your baby smell good without being irritated.

Get a 2-pack of Indigo Wild Zum Baby Bar Soap on Amazon for $13.70

3. Beb Organic

Credit: BEB Organic

BEB Organic's Head to Toe wash has a sweet smelling scent.

Safe enough for premature babies and expecting moms' skin, Beb Organic is suitable for infants who have more delicate and sensitive skin that are prone to breakouts. The products are safe for babies who experience cradle cap, diaper rash and other skin concerns.

Shop Beb Organic on Amazon

4. Zoey Naturals

Credit: Zoey Organics

This citrus-scented body wash is gentle yet cleansing.

The entire Zoey Naturals brand is about offering skincare solutions for your baby’s needs. The citrus and lavender scents will keep you and your clean baby happy. The Head To Toe wash is tear-free and gentle, and its sweet, refreshing scent will surprise you. The body butters come in handy if you are dealing with dry skin, too.

Get Zoey Naturals Head to Toe Wash on Amazon for $15

5. Badger Balm

Badger Balm
Credit: Badger Balm

Send them off to dreamland with a soothing massage using this nighttime balm.

After your baby’s bath, add the Badger Balm Night Night Balm to further relax your child. The soft lavender scent will help you little one drift off to sleep while you continue to massage the balm into their skin. The organic brand also has belly and nursing balms for mom and plenty of SPF products for you and baby.

Get Night Night Balm at Badger Balm for $6.99

6. Eczema Honey

Eczema Honey
Credit: Eczema Honey

Soothe dry skin with this honey-based moisturizer.

Honey is a powerful ingredient and works well against itchy breakouts caused by eczema. If you've tried all types of ointments and creams to treat eczema and nothing has worked for so far, give Eczema Honey cream a shot.

Get Eczema Honey Original Skin Soothing Cream for $29.95

7. Baby Magic

Baby Magic
Credit: Baby Magic

A classic brand that's still popular with parents and babies alike.

A long-time household baby brand, Baby Magic continues to offer quality baby skincare for families generation after generation. All of their cleansers and lotions are gentle to the touch and on your baby’s skin. Baby Magic offers three washes which include their original scent as well as a gentle hair and body wash that has a soft powder scent.

Get a Baby Magic Oh Baby! Essentials Gift Set on Amazon for $12.99

8. Bada Baby

Bada Bum
Credit: Bada Bum!

Skip the wipes and use Bada Bum! instead.

If you are running low on baby wipes or can’t get any at all, consider skipping them all together with this. Intended to eliminate the need for baby wipes altogether, Bada Bum! Is a cleaning solution you don’t wipe off. You just wipe your baby’s mess with a soft, cotton cloth, and go. It’s a cleanser that doesn’t need water to be activated and it helps prevent diaper rash.

Get the Bada Bum! Bada Bundle for $24.95

9. Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy

Happy Cappy
Credit: Dr. Eddie's

Invented by a pediatrician, this shampoo can help with cradle cap.

Created by a pediatrician, Happy Cappy is a more tailored solution to cradle cap. Dr. Eddie wanted to offer his patients something other than adult shampoos, so he created his own line to address the specific needs of babies. There are two washes: one that is for daily usage and another that is more medicated to soothe cradle cap and itchy skin. Dr. Eddie also has an eczema cream for babies.

Get Dr. Eddie's Happy Cappy Shampoo Bundle on Amazon for $20.88

10. Green Goo

Green Goo
Credit: Green Goo

Green Goo's pure castile soap is an earth-friendly addition to bath time.

Green Goo is a plant-based brand that has products for the entire family, even your fur babies. The Castile Soap is an unscented aloe vera wash that gets your baby squeaky clean. The First Aid stick is perfect for moms who have children that play rough and are prone to scrapes and bruises. It’s also a suitable relief if your kids get the chickenpox.

11. Babience Baby Shark

Baby Shark
Credit: Avon

Kids will love taking a bath when they have Baby Shark soap and shampoo.

Avon has teamed up with the popular Baby Shark song and has released a line with Baby Shark-themed skincare products that you and your baby will enjoy. The line includes body bath soap, body lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, and baby sunscreen. The baby wash is a pleasant peach scent and the toothpaste comes in a tasty strawberry scent with a 3-D signature Pinkfong logo.

Shop Babience Baby Shark Products at Avon

12. Cococare

Credit: Cococare

Pure coconut oil is a budget-friendly moisturizer.

If you are looking for products you can use every day that are as natural as possible, Cococare is made just for you. Known for their 100% coconut col and cocoa butter stick, Cococare offers you the most bang for your buck with its natural products. Use the coconut oil for everything, including adding shine to your baby's hair, or as a massage balm to treat dryness.

Get a 2-pack of Cococare 100% Pure Coconut Oil on Amazon for $11.99

13. Earth Mama Organics

Earth Mama
Credit: Earth Mama Organics

Babies cheeks and chins are often irritated, but this ointment can help.

Earth Mama Organics offers a variety of baby skincare products that address any concern you may have. The Organic Baby Face Nose & Cheek Balm is a must-have for young and teething babies as it helps with dryness, and the Sweet Orange Castile Baby Wash is a sweet treat if you want to explore a different scent that won’t hurt your baby.

Get Earth Mama Organics Baby Face Nose & Cheek Balm on Amazon for $7.99

14. Druide Biolove

Druide Biolove
Credit: Druide Biolove

A gentle bar soap made just for babies.

Druide Biolove has a baby line of products that will ensure your baby’s skin stays as soft and safe as possible. The Protective Baby Soap purifies baby skin, while the zinc-free diaper rash is a great option for parents who can’t use standard diaper creams that contain zinc.

Get the Druide Biolove Protective Baby Soap for $4.87

15. Puttisu

Credit: Puttisu

Kids will love applying their own sunscreen with this clever compact.

If you're sick of your toddler fighting you about putting sunscreen on their face, give them their own adorable compact of SPF that they can apply themselves. We love Puttisu's sunscreen because it soaks in easily and our kids don't complain about having to put it on. Puttisu also has a line of baby- and kid-friendly skin and cosmetics that are non-toxic and safe.

Get Puttisu Sunscreen on Amazon for $34

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