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14 comfortable kids clothing brands without tags or seams

Sensory-friendly clothing they'll love.

Children wearing clothing without tags or seams Credit: Lucky Me / Smart Kids

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Too tight, too loose, too “flappy,” too stiff, too scratchy, wrong fit: For kids with sensory needs, getting dressed can, quite literally, be a pain. When a child's sense of touch is more sensitive, something that may seem like no big deal to others may be a huge, anxiety-provoking deal to your child. The smallest thing, like a tag or a seam can feel unbearable.

Here are some kids clothes that hit on some of the most common sensory issues in kids.


1. Primary

Kids in colorful knits
Credit: Primary

Stylish and straightforward clothes without any sequins or slogans--just high quality fabrics.

Sensory smart solutions: Tag-free, flat seams, true-to-size, stylish design, soft fabrics
Best for ages: Newborn to 12 years

No logos, no slogans, no sequins—just super-soft fabrics in an array of stylish options for every kid. These garments aren’t specifically made for kids with sensory sensitivities, but they check lots of boxes for the most common sensory struggles. They are tag-free and have flat seams and easy closures, and all garments are made from super soft, natural, and irritant-free materials. Reviews say these clothes have an easy, snug, and well-structured fit that doesn’t bunch or slide, making them wearable from morning until night—with no unexpected sensory surprises in between.

Shop Primary

2. Sensory Smart Clothing

Boy kicking soccer ball and girl in stylish leggings
Credit: Sensory Smart Clothing Co.

Truly stylish clothes made with the sensory-sensitive kid in mind.

Sensory smart solutions: Tag-free, flat seams, true-to-size, stylish design, soft fabrics, lightweight and cooling fabrics
Best for ages: 4T to 14

These clothes have cute designs and fun details, while also keeping in mind the most common tactile struggles sensory sensitive kids have with clothes. Every piece is guaranteed to be tagless, with outside seams and ultra soft fabrics to ensure it is comfortable for all children. Their leggings are particularly popular and have been heralded as super-stretchy with a snug fit that won’t bag out. They are made from a soft, lightweight rayon blend, which makes for cooler wearing—which is so important when over-heating is a common complaint.

Shop Sensory Smart Clothing Co.

3. Kickee Pants

Kids in cute KickeePants clothes
Credit: KickeePants

Cool designs and cooling fabrics make these a stylish favorite for kids with sensory sensitivities and without.

Sensory smart solutions: Tag-free, true-to-size, stylish design, soft and breathable fabrics
Best for ages: All ages, including adult

Another brand that is not designed specifically for children with sensory sensitivities, Kickee Pants is popular with parents of kids who favor tagless, cool, and unrestricted clothing designs. All Kickee Pants clothing is made from soft fabrics, including bamboo, and fabrics are temperature regulating and stretchy for longer wear. Fun and fashionable prints come in a large selection of pants, tights, dresses, leggings, underwear, pajamas, and more.

Shop Kickee Pants

4. All in One

All in One onesies
Credit: All in One

Completely customizable onesies and sleep sacs for babies to adults.

Sensory smart solutions: Tag-free, sensory seams, compression, soft fabrics, covered zippers, velcro fastening, inside pockets with built-in fidget
Best for ages: All ages, including adult

A onesie for all! This company was founded on customization. With sizes from babies to adult, you can choose the fabric type, colors, patterns, and finishing touches—such as hoods, pockets, mittens, and feet—to make it a perfect onesie for anyone. We also like that they are made with an eye toward skin sensitivities with things like smart seams and soft zipper coverings, to provide extra comfort against the skin. They also have sleep sacks for kids that hate getting wrapped up in sheets and blankets at bedtime. Cut and made by hand in the UK, these onesies ship all over the world. These are made to order, so err on the side of vigilance and make sure you give your measurements when ordering.

Shop the All in One Company

5. Lucky and Me

Colorful underwear and cute daywear
Credit: Lucky and Me

Durable clothes in cute designs made with chemical-free fabrics.

Sensory smart solutions: Tag-free, breathable, soft fabrics
Best for ages: Ages 2 to 10

Breathable, tagless, and incredibly durable, Lucky and Me uses an ultra-soft and smooth-to-the-touch modal cotton blend fabric that feels absolutely luxurious. We particularly like their seamless underpants: The legs offer extra coverage that doesn’t ride up and the elastic waistband is fully encased, so even the most sensitive of little ones will feel comfortable in them. Lucky and Me is committed to chemical-free garments and they have free and easy returns if what you buy has a surprise irritant.

Shop Lucky and Me

6. Kozie Clothes

Stylish kids in compression clothes
Credit: Kozie

Compression clothes never looked so stylish.

Sensory smart solutions: Tag-free, smart seams, compression fabrics
Best for ages: Infants through 18 years

Designed by a pediatric occupational therapist with a certification in Sensory Integration, Sensory Enrichment Therapy, and SIPT testing, Kozie Clothes has put lots of thought and love into creating therapeutic clothes for kids across the sensitivity spectrum. They specialize in stylish compression and weighted clothing for infants and kids that claim to help stimulate the "happy" neurotransmitters and produce a feeling of calm.

Shop Kozie Clothes

Socks and underpants

7. Smart Knit Kids

Girl pulling on seam-free socks
Credit: Smart Knit Kids

Seam-free socks and underwear made with the sensory-sensitive kid in mind.

Sensory smart solutions: No seems, no heels, and non-binding sock tops
Best for ages: All ages, including adult

Completely free of seams, these patented kids' products are designed to provide comfort and relief to children who struggle with “bumps and lumps” in their socks, undies, T-shirts, or bras. Their patented seamless socks are perfect for children experiencing sensory processing differences, hypersensitivity, or who simply can’t stand annoying seams. Their socks boast a no-heel design and comfortable non-binding tops, which means no elastics anywhere help prevent errant sensations of pinching, binding, and irritation. The underwear and tops are made with high-tech fibers that wick moisture away, which helps keep kids cool and helps keep odor under control.

Shop Smart Knit Kids

8. Bombas

Bombas socks inspired by Sesame Street
Credit: Bombas

Seam-free compression socks in colorful colors!

Sensory smart solutions: No seems, no heels, and non-binding sock tops
Best for ages: Toddlers to adult

Bombas hand-links every seam to create a fully-smooth sock with no annoying bumps. The Honeycomb Support System cradles the arch of the foot, giving a firm but comfortable compression. Plus, every pair of socks bought provides a free pair to a person in need.

Shop Bombas


9. NoNetz

Swim trunks
Credit: NoNets

All of NoNets swim suits have been tested by kids on the autism spectrum.

Sensory smart solutions: Tag-free, chafe-free, non-irritating
Best for ages: 6 and up

NoNetz replaces the itchy mesh liner that’s the hallmark of most swim trunks with an anti-chafe, anti-bacterial, leg liner. NoNetz claims their swim trunks are chafe-free and will guard against the irritation that comes with sandy or damp trunks. Each design is tested in the autistic community to ensure there is nothing about the design that's irritating. These trunks are also water-resistant, which means they dry faster, preventing cling and providing maximum comfort in and out of the water. This small business has just started manufacturing T-shirts, too—so keep an eye out for designs that are just as committed to the cause of irritant-free, sensory-sensitive clothing.

Shop NoNetz

10. Reima

Credit: Reima

Fun unisex prints and a design that guards against riding and bunching.

Sensory smart solutions: Stay-put design, quick-drying fabric
Best for ages: 2 to 10

These one-piece swim suits come in fun unisex prints and guard against the riding and bunching that so many bathing suits—especially those made for girls—do. The front zip makes for an easy on and off, and the elastics on the arms and legs are covered for comfort but help keep the sand out and the suit in place.

Shop Reima


11. Tsukihoshi

Stylish shoes on a skateboard
Credit: Tsukihoshi

These super hip shoes are comfortable and accommodate orthotics and customized insoles.

Sensory smart solutions: Removable insole and long counters
Best for ages: Toddler to middle school

The funky and colorful designs of these shoes belie their superior construction. With their removable insole and long counters, Tsukihoshi holds the foot in place and has become a favorite for pedorthists when recommending shoes to modify for and accommodate customized orthotics. This is hyper functional and incredibly supportive footwear. Additionally, every Tsukihoshi style is machine-washable, anti-bacterial, ultra-lightweight, and is designed to not only support but to promote proper foot development.

Shop Tsukihoshi

12. Bogs

Two pairs of Bogs shoes--tall and short
Credit: Bogs

Bogs are durable, waterproof, and great for cold-weather wear.

Sensory smart solutions: Removable insole, super soft insole, waterproof, wide toe bed
Best for ages: Toddler to adult
Bogs get consistently high marks for kids who might be picky with what goes on their feet. Their removable soles make them adaptable for customized comfort and their wide toe area prevents pinching. These boots, with their removable liners, easily transition between rain boots and snow boots, making them a perfect multi-purpose boot—so important when your child is the type that will only wear one or two pairs of shoes as it is.

Shop Bogs

13. Plae

Plae shoes
Credit: Plae

Breathable, flexible, lightweight with removable soles and adjustable straps.

Sensory smart solutions: Removable insole, supportive structure, roomy toe area
Best for ages: Toddler to adult

Breathable, flexible, lightweight, these shoes also have removable insoles that are so important when your child has sensitive feet. Plae shoes are known for having a supportive shoe structure and a design that promotes proper foot development. These shoes are washable and have serious traction, which makes able them withstand just about any amount of wear your child can throw their way.

Shop Plae kids' shoes

14. Vivobarefoot

Bright green comfy shoes
Credit: Vivobarefoot

These shoes allow kids to feel the ground beneath their feet while protecting them from anything on the street.

Sensory smart solutions: Ultra-thin sole, adjustable strap, waterproof
Best for ages: Toddler to adult

The thin soles allow kids to feel the ground under their feet, while still strong enough to protect kids from any rocks or nails or anything else their feet might walk across. The closed toe makes them school-approved and the straps allow them to stay in place while also making these shoes adjustable for a perfect fit. From sweet Mary Janes to sporty breathable sneakers to rugged water shoes, the styles run the gamut all while staying true to their concept of back-to-basics design.

Shop Vivobarefoot kids' shoes

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