15 pet products from Chewy that are actually worth it

You won’t suffer from buyer’s remorse with these products.

Left: Cash chewing on a Bully Stick in his Best Friends by Sheri bed. Right: Cash getting a bath with TropiClean puppy shampoo. Credit: Rebecca Norris

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If you’re a pet owner—particularly if you’re a dog owner—you’ve likely heard of Chewy. The online pet supplies store has everything under the sun that you could possibly need for dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, horses, and even farm animals. With so many offerings, however, it can be tough to know which products are actually worth the hype.

Because of this, we decided to do a little recon to find 15 products that are worth buying based on our own experience and examining customer reviews. While most of these products are targeted towards dogs, they can work for cats, as well.

1. A jumbo pack of potty pads

Wee-Wee Pads
Credit: Chewy / Chewy

You’ll be so glad to have these pee pads in stock during potty training.

Look, we get it: You want to teach your dog to go to the bathroom outside. But, that doesn’t negate the inevitable fact that at some point or another during the process of potty training (or, on the other end of the spectrum, becoming elderly), indoor accidents are going to happen. For that reason, these absorbent potty pads are a life-saver. They’re designed to soak up any liquid waste and neutralize odors on the spot. The result? Your wood floors, carpet, couch, or wherever else you put them will be protected from soiled stains and your nose will be shielded from unpleasant scents. A double-win in our book.

Get the Wee-Wee Absorbent Dog Pads from Chewy for $43.99

2. A pack of truly convenient deodorizing dog wipes

Nature's Miracle Wipes
Credit: Chewy / Chewy

Nix that wet dog smell without having to draw a bath every other day.

While the textiles around your home will be shielded from your pup’s potty breaks with pads, their paws may not be. I don’t know about you, but when my 12-week-old puppy goes to the bathroom, he often ends up walking through it when all is said and done. Thankfully, these lightly-scented, pet-safe wipes exist. These wipes will nix nasty scents on the spot while ensuring your pup looks clean between baths. P.S.: They work like a charm on muddy paws, too.

Get the Nature's Miracle Spring Waters Deodorizing Dog Bath Wipes from Chewy for $9.35

3. A pack of odor-controlled waste bags

Arm & Hammer Waste Bags
Credit: Chewy

So you can mask the scent of your pup’s poop once you pick it up.

As handy as the pads are, they don’t absorb poop (though, they do help neutralize the scents associated with it). Because of this, it’s important to have odor-blocking waste bags on hand and when you're on-the-go. These ones from Arm & Hammer fit the bill and more than 250 reviewers approve of it. They’re roomy enough for even the largest dog's waste and can be tied off to contain the scent—which is important considering we’re not always able to immediately toss the bag outside the home.

Get the Arm & Hammer Disposable Waste Bag from Chewy for $8.99

4. A pack of irresistible training treats

Bil-Jac Training Treats
Credit: Chewy / Chewy

Entice your pup to listen to your commands by keeping these treats on-hand.

Whether you’re working with a puppy or trying to train an old dog new tricks, having tasty training treats on hand helps. These chicken liver ones are a huge hit with my pup and with a 4.8-star rating, reviewers agree. They’re small but flavorful and can easily be broken up into smaller bites—which I sometimes do if I know we’ll be training for a long time (I don’t want to plump him up too much, ya know?).

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Get the Bil-Jac Little-Jacs Small Dog Chicken Liver Training Dog Treats from Chewy for $11.64

5. A textured teething bone

Teething Nylabone
Credit: Chewy / Chewy

Help your puppy overcome teething with this texture bone.

Just like babies, puppies teeth. To help teach them what’s appropriate to chew on, get your pup one of these nubby teething bones. The rubbery bone will satisfy their desire to chew while protecting your limbs, clothes, bedding, and furniture from being the unwilling victims. FYI: While these bones are incredible for puppies—my puppy was head-over-heels obsessed with his between eight and 11 weeks—the nubs can be chewed off.

Get the Nylabone Puppy Petite Dental Puppy Chew Toy from Chewy for $3.99

6. A pack of tasty, long-lasting dog treats

Bully Sticks
Credit: Chewy / Rebecca Norris

These sticks will keep your pup entertaining for hours on end.

As helpful as flavorful training treats and chewy teething bones are, they’re not always the best option for distracting your dog for long periods of time. After all, a training treat is consumed in one bite and rubber bones are only so intriguing. That’s why bully sticks are a must.

Made of cow pizzle (not the most appetizing to humans, we know), dogs go crazy for these sticks. Seriously, nearly 500 reviewers dogs' love them. Best Bully Sticks are sold in multiple lengths and widths, as well as odor-free options. Unlike rawhide, bully sticks are easily digestible, not to mention less likely to splinter and become unsafe.

Get the Best Bully Sticks 6" Angus Bully Sticks Dog Treats from Chewy for $45.34

7. A spacious wire crate

Frisco Dog Crate
Credit: Chewy / Chewy

This classic wire crate will give your pup a place that’s all their own within your home.

While dogs should have the opportunity to roam free and be part of the family, it’s also important that they have a crate to themselves. Not only will this give them a sense of safe haven within your home, but it will also help you prepare them for any travel, too. Instead of getting a black-out, fully-enclosed crate, consider this spacious wire option, which nearly 4,000 reviewers swear by. The wires aren’t so far apart that your pup will be able to escape, but they’re spaced out enough that they won’t feel locked in either. This crate also features a pull-out drawer which allows you to clean up any messes without it becoming a huge to-do.

Get the Frisco Fold & Carry Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate from Chewy for $22.99

8. A cozy mat designed for dog crates

Frisco Dog Mat
Credit: Chewy / Chewy

Turn your pup’s crate into the coziest sleep space.

Whatever you do, don’t just put your dog in a barren crate, though. Get a cozy sherpa pad to transform the plastic and metal design into a seriously cozy lounge space. This one from Frisco comes with bolstered edges, which allow your pup to easily prop their head up. They’re washable and reviewers say they're super soft for the low price.

Get the Frisco Quilted Dog Crate Mat from Chewy for $16.99

9. A supremely soft dog bed

Best Friends by Sheri Sherpa Bed
Credit: Rebecca Norris / Rebecca Norris

Give your pup a space that’s all their own outside of their crate, too.

Just because their crate will be a lounge-worthy oasis doesn’t mean that your pet shouldn’t have a cozy bed outside of their crate, too. With this in mind, we recommend—and Chewy shoppers wholeheartedly agree—this fluffy sherpa snuggler bed. Fresh out of the package the bed often falls flat and looks misshapen, but as soon as you throw it in the washer and dryer (yes, it’s machine-washable) it pops right up. The high sides will make your pup or kitty feel protected, enticing them to snuggle in and snooze.

Get the Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Sherpa Bolster Cat & Dog Bed from Chewy for $29.95

10. A pop-up playpen

Pop-Up Playpen
Credit: Chewy / Chewy

No matter where you go, ensure your pup has a safe place to play.

This pop-up playpen will become one of your favorite things if you own a rambunctious animal who likes to run around like a hooligan. The spacious pen comes with two doors, paneled mesh window sides, and a removable mesh top to enclose your dog or cat without making them feel shut-off from the world. The bottom of the pen is removable, as well, and can be thrown in the wash. That said, it’s also water-resistant, as my dog has peed on his and it beaded for easy clean-up.

Best of all, it’s compact. When not in use, the pen folds down to fit into a shoulder-strapped carrying case that’s lightweight and portable.

Get the EliteField 2-Door Soft-Sided Dog & Cat Playpen from Chewy for $38.99

11. A set of pet-safe stairs

Pet Stairs
Credit: Rebecca Norris / Rebecca Norris

Help your pup get on your couch and bed with these cute stairs.

If you have a small pup or cat—or if your small pet has joint issues that prevent them from being able to jump—these sherpa stairs will be a godsend. Available in varying heights, the stairs allow your pet to get up and down as they please. While they might be hesitant at first, I can assure you that within a day or two, they’ll be bounding up and down at their desire. Plus, unlike many pet stairs, these are actually aesthetically pleasing.

Get the Best Pet Supplies Foam Cat & Dog Stairs from Chewy for $72.41

12. A camera to keep an eye on your pup

Furbo Pet Camera
Credit: Chewy / Chewy

Help your pup adjust to time alone with this handy treat-dispensing camera.

As obsessed as we are with our pets and as much as we wish we could spend every waking moment with them, that’s just not possible. For that reason, having a Furbo pet camera comes in handy. It's one of our favorite smart pet cameras and can monitor your pup when you’re away and will alert you of any barking or noise.

As soon as you get an alert—or if you just want to check in—you can open the app and see what they’re doing. But that’s not all, you can also talk to your pet and give them treats. The smart camera shoots treats to your pup and you can even record them catching it on camera. It’s very fun.

Get the Furbo Full HD Wifi Dog Treat Dispenser & Camera from Chewy for $169.99

13. A bungee giraffe toy

Giraffe Toy
Credit: Chewy / Chewy

Your pup will actually want to play fetch with this fun giraffe toy.

Toys are a must for dogs of any age. While we love plain squeaky and plush toys, this bungee giraffe is particularly fun. It’s squeaky and plush, but it is also designed to be sprung across the room for extra fun with your pup. When I first opened it I wasn’t sure that my dog would be a fan, but, like so many Chewy shoppers, his eyes lit up.

Get the Frisco Bungee Plush Squeaking Giraffe Dog Toy from Chewy for $5.98

14. A fun hide-and-seek squirrel toy

Outward Hound Toy
Credit: Chewy / Chewy

Teach your pup to bury and dig with this fun squirrel toy.

Of course, classic squeaky toys are always welcome. This hide-a-squirrel plush toy puzzle will teach your dog to burrow and dig, as the squeaky squirrels come hidden in the plush stump. I’m a particularly big fan of this set, as the squirrels are small and the perfect size for a 4-pound pup to tote around.

Get the Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy from Chewy for $19.99

15. A bottle of deliciously-scented puppy shampoo

Cash TropiClean Bath
Credit: Chewy / Rebecca Norris

Kiss that wet-dog smell goodbye and welcome a beachy coconut scent in its place.

Last but not least, a bottle of highly-rated puppy shampoo. With so many brands on the market, it can sometimes be tough to know which to use. This formula, however, is a no-brainer. It’s hypoallergenic—meaning it’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive pups—and it smells of faint coconut. My puppy recently had his first bath with it, and I can attest that his fur has been softer and shinier, not to mention fresher than ever, post-bath.

Get the TropiClean Hypo-Allergenic Gentle Coconut Puppy & Kitten Shampoo from Chewy for $11.99

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