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Design and Features

We saw plenty of advantages in the basic design of this refrigerator and only a few negatives.

Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

Gallons of milk and juice fit in the door bins, conserving space in the refrigerator section.


  • Modest dimensions: 28 inches wide x 61 inches high x 29.5 inches deep to fit small spaces
  • Color choices: Plain white, black, or bisque (matches older kitchens)
  • Moveable shelves: They're wire, but accommodating
  • Gallon bins: The fridge doors hold milk and juice containers
  • Two crisper drawers: Store vegetables and fruits separately
  • Dairy bin: Keeps butter and cheese from absorbing refrigerator odors
    Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

    The Hotpoint HPS15BTHMRWW has a covered dairy bin to keep butter and cheese from absorbing odors from other foods in the fridge section.


  • No lighting or temperature controls in the freezer
  • No built-in icemaker: You can add one later, though
    Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

    The freezer of the Hotpoint refrigerator is bare bones with one wire shelf, no lighting, and no icemaker included by default.


Our testing revealed that this Hotpoint offers good performance at a reasonable price.


  • Consistent temperature in the fridge: The 36.6° refrigerator temperature is nearly perfect
  • Very efficient: Estimated operating cost only $22.30 a year
  • Fast cooling: Takes only 34 minutes to reach 32°
  • Crispers retain humidity well: Keeps produce fresh
    Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

    The crisper drawers do a good job holding in moisture, so they keep produce stored there fresh.


  • Potential freezer burn: Freezer temperatures are inconsistent


This model comes with a one-year warranty.

What users say

Most buyers are happy with the Hotpoint fridge, giving it an average of 4.3 stars out of 5. Owners were surprised by how well it uses space, considering its size. That’s a function of the plain design. A few reviewers called it noisy but didn't consider it a deal breaker.

The Bottom Line

This no-frills top freezer model is a good value—its affordable retail price and strong refrigerator performance underscore that. It fits in small spaces where few other fridges could go. And if you’re looking for a backup fridge to hold extra food and beverages in the garage or at the lake house, the Hotpoint is a very good choice. Another budget fridge that might work for you is the Insignia NS-RTM18SS7. It's Best Buy's house brand, costs about the same as the Hotpoint, and we rated it a little higher when we tested it.

Credit: Hotpoint

This Hotpoint refrigerator comes in three finishes—black, white, and bisque. The 14.6 cu.-ft. of space is used well, due to the simple design.

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