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The has a horizontal-grain stainless finish and contoured stainless handles. There's no through-the-door ice maker or controls on the front of the fridge. Since the door can be hinged from the left or the right, there are small plastic screws covering the pre-drilled door holes.

Fingerprints collect easily on this stainless finish, but they also wipe off with a damp cloth.


Inside, the fridge is on the top and the freezer rolls out from the bottom.

With the exception of the full-length bottom shelf, spill-proof shelves on the 's door are adjustable and will hold large soda bottles.

The 's icemaker takes up a quarter of the freezer's top drawer.


There's a water line for the ice maker on the back of the .


The sides of the are black.

Running Cost

The will only run you $31.65 in yearly electric bills, assuming that power sells for 9.1 cents per kW-h.

Power Use Per Cu Ft

Dividing out the 's energy use over its usable storage space shows that it's a very efficient fridge regardless of its size, using just 0.07 kW-h of energy per cubic foot.

Fridge Temperature

The 's fridge temperature didn't vary from the bottom shelf to the top shelf, and the internal temperature readings we got from the sensors embedded into food packages gave very consistent results.

Fridge temperatures varied less than a third of a degree, which is a sign of a very sensitive thermostat. Since the doesn't have a temperature control, you may want to invest in a cheap thermometer to ensure optimum temperature performance. On our tests, the "recommended setting" ran about two degrees too high.

Freezer Temperature

The 's freezer is very small, which means it doesn't have to work as hard to keep a consistent temperature. Items stayed cold whether they were in the back or front of the freezer drawer and temperatures didn't fluctuate as the compressor cycled on and off. That's a good protection against freezer burn.

Vegetable Drawer

The simulated vegetable we put in the 's vegetable drawer lost only 0.11 grams of water per hour, which is excellent performance.

Power Loss

When unplugged, the internal temperature of frozen food in the 's freezer didn't thaw for 36 hours. In fact, it was still frozen after 48 hours. This proves that this Whirlpool is well Insulated, even when the power goes out.

Freezing Performance

Though it has a small freezer, the still took 2 hours and 10 minutes to bring the internal temperature of room temperature food below 32 degrees. Faster freezing means that fewer ice crystals form. Since ice crystals change the texture of food when it's thawed, we'd prefer a fridge with better freezing performance.

Usable Space

We measure only a fridge's usable space, rather than the total interior space minus all shelving. Hence, the has 10.26 cu. ft. of storage area. That's thanks to four adjustable shelves, one fixed shelf, a storage drawer and two crisper drawers.

The 's three adjustable shelves, fixed shelf and butter drawer also contribute to the refrigerator's total storage space.

The freezer only has 2.82 cu. ft. of storage space across two drawers. The deepest drawer is bisected by a plastic divider, and a good portion of the top shelf is taken up by an ice maker and another plastic divider.

Below are the manufacturers own figures for capacity, and our own measurements for usable capacity. The manufacturers figures do not take account of the shelves, drawers and other removable features, but our measurements do account for the space these take up.

Ease of Access

As with all bottom freezers, the requires the user to bend down and hunt for frozen food. This fridge also has heavy glass shelves that hang from slats at the back of the fridge. Users with limited mobility may find them hard to adjust. And like most Amana/Whirlpool/Maytag fridges, this one has those flimsy crisper drawers that don't glide easily.


The 's control panel is located at the top interior of the fridge, and has separate controls for the fridge and freezer. Its thermostat is set according to an arbitrary numerical scale instead of a temperature reading in Fahrenheit or Celsius, however.

Water Dispenser

Ice Maker

The 's icemaker takes up a quarter of the freezer's top drawer.


The is very easy to clean. The exterior finish only requires a wipe with a damp rag to remove fingerprints. Door shelves hold big spills, while the lips surrounding the glass shelves contain minor ones.


Aside from when the ice maker did its thing, we never heard a noise from the .

Other Features


Energy Efficiency

The is a very energy efficient fridge, with one of the lowest operating costs we've ever seen.


Both fridge and freezer compartments display accurate temperature performance, with almost no variation in temperature between top and bottom shelves. Vegetables in the vegetable drawers stay moist, and frozen food stays frozen for at least two days when the power goes out.

Storage Space

Though the has a small freezer, the majority of its manufacturer-claimed storage space is actual usable space.


While some may find bending down to reach the freezer an inconvenience, the puts fresh foods at eye-level. Still, the pull out drawers could be of better quality and shelves could be easier to rearrange.

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