Dacor Dispenser Is a Wine Lover's Fantasy

If your regular wine fridge wasn't enough, here's one with on-demand pours.

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Nobody cool ever scoffed at a keg of light beer in a tub of ice. But if you need to dial up your dinner party's classiness by a few orders of magnitude, there's the Dacor Discovery WineStation.

This monument to oenophilia stores up to four bottles of wine and keeps them tasting fresh for two months, thanks to automated, argon-powered temperature regulation. Pours are available on-demand with one-touch controls (and in customizable amounts), so you don't "accidentally" drink too much.


The Dacor Discovery WineStation stores, chills, and dispenses up to four bottles of wine.

LCDs can display each bottle's type, varietal, and vintage, and there are even parental controls to keep the contents secure. It comes in a stainless finish and can easily fit on most countertops, but can be cabinet-mounted, too.

Dispensers like this are nothing new, though most of them are built for restaurants or other commercial operations. At $5,299, you'd be able to drink a few dozen bottles at your favorite trattoria before offsetting the cost of this investment. Based on reviews of some other home wine dispensers, the cost of keeping the argon gas running all day and night can add up—it'll be sour grapes if you can't foot the bill.

Via Appliancist, Dacor

Photo: Dacor

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