No Space? No Problem: Clever Cabinetry Can Help

A little extra kitchen space is only a few clever hinges away.


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If there's one absolute of contemporary life, it's this: You can never have enough storage space. Imagine the joy of purchasing a stunning cast iron pot, eagerly anticipating the wondrous stews you will make, then suddenly realizing that the only way to fit it in your cupboard is by throwing something else away.

If you're serious about cooking, you shouldn't have to choose just one or two pots. What you should have is a way to find room for more! At this year's Kitchen & Bath Show in Las Vegas, the cabinet-makers of MasterBrand and Richelieu showed off some of the most ingenious kitchen storage solutions around. We're talking about cabinetry that seems to break the laws of time and space.

The future is here and it's in your kitchen!

The Lion, the Witch, and the Cupboard

One our favorite innovations came from MasterBrand, who showed off a combination of innovative hinges, hidden compartments, and a clever use of space. All packed into a single storage solution, this space-saving cupboard can store an impressive amount of items, is completely unobtrusive, and—dare we say it—is attractive too.

These are storage spaces reminiscent of the impossible geometry of the Navidson Record found in House of Leaves. For the less esoteric amongst us, it's something akin to the titular wardrobe in C.S. Lewis's most famous work. Inside, you won't find any talking beavers, snow queens, or Christian allegories, but you just might find all manner of pots, pans, and groceries.

House of the Rising Plug

A great deal of emphasis in the designs we saw at The MasterBrand booth at KBIS involved storage that camouflaged itself amongst the clean lines of the kitchen. Alongside retractable shelving units and narrow shelves that utilized the entire kitchen area we also saw a few clever power solutions too.

Storage, Plain and Tall

We've spoken at length about the various ways that appliance manufactures seem set on reinventing the door. Cabinet-makers have been similarly busy. While horizontal doors are the hottest new trend when it comes to ovens, with cabinetry, the sky—or at least the ceiling—is the limit.

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More Than Meets the Eye

Make no mistake, revolving cabinet carousels and touch-controlled vertical cupboards are impressive. Ultimately, they fulfill the same function as your regular old cabinets: They store your pots, pans, and groceries. Richelieu took the concept to its natural conclusion with a set of cupboards that stored an entire kitchen, along with all the necessary paraphernalia.

... and the Rest

MasterBrand and Richelieu weren't the only ones showing off fancy storage at KBIS. Here's the best of the rest that we saw at this year's Design and Construction Week.

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