The World's First "Sparkling" Apple Arrives Next Year

Will miracles never cease?


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Sparkling cider doesn't come from sparkling apples, but that hasn't stopped one enterprising fruit grower from creating one anyway. Markus Kobelt, founder and breeder at Lubera, a German nursery and gardening supply company, has crafted a brand-new kind of apple called the Paradis Sparkling.


With a long picking season and irregular sizes, the Paradis Sparkling may not ever be a commercially viable apple variety.

Created through careful selective breeding, the new apple is unique for its combination of large cells and thick cell walls—a combination that behaves a bit like microscopic bubble wrap. When you bite down, the cells pop in your mouth, creating the illusion of fizz.

There are thousands of different apple varieties grown in orchards around the world. This particular cultivar was created by blending an East German apple called the Resi and the English Pirouette variety.

The enthusiastic Kobelt has filmed a number of videos describing the breeding and cultivation of his extensive fruit collection, including one detailing the discovery of Paradis Sparkling. He claims he came upon it while strolling through one of Lubera’s orchards with his cousin.


The Paradis Sparkling has a yellow flesh with large cells that pop when you eat them, making it feel like you're eating a fizzy drink.

He’s quick to point out that the Paradis Sparkling won’t make for a commercially viable apple. For one thing, it’s not terribly attractive, growing in a range of irregular sizes and colors. For another, it has a lengthy picking season of several weeks, which makes it difficult to get large quantities to store shelves.

“I think it is the best apple we’ve ever had.”

That said, Lubera production manager Robert Maierhofer has effusively praised the Paradis Sparkling, stating, “I think it is the best apple we’ve ever had.” The apple's sweet yet tangy flavor, combined with its unique fizzy characteristics, could make it a great choice for amateur gardeners or folks who just want something a little different.

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Paradis Sparkling apples should be available for purchase from specialty stores sometime next year, but aspiring orchardists can purchase saplings right now for £34.40 (about $55) plus shipping and handling.


Markus Kobelt, founder and breeder of Lubera, has a definite passion both for good fruit and for sharing those fruits with others.

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