Belgian Brewery Aims To Build a Beer Pipeline

Soon, liquid gold will flow under the streets of Bruges.


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Pipelines are a vital part of our modern world. They transport vital fluids like water, gas, and oil from refineries to shipping depots and power plants. But the geniuses at Belgium's Brouwerij De Halve Maan have decided to build a pipeline for another vital fluid: beer.

According to Flanders News, the booze tube will be built in the city of Bruges, connecting the brewery to its bottling plant by way of a pipe that can handle 6,000 liters of beer per hour.

The booze tube will be built in the city of Bruges, connecting the brewery to its bottling plant.

The report adds that De Halve Maan CEO Xavier Vanneste told a local newspaper that this will take hundreds of trucks off city streets. That's great for the environment and local traffic congestion, but it probably also means that quite a few truck drivers will be out of work. Still, the Bruges City Council has already approved the plan.

The pipeline will run three kilometers from the brewery in the city center to the bottling plant on the outskirts, giving the beer a 10 to 15 minute thrill ride. Vanneste notes that this is not the world's only beer pipeline, as a different take on the concept exists at a German soccer stadium, but it's the first of its kind in Belgium.

If De Halve Maan wants our advice, it would be this: Keep the exact location of the pipeline a secret. Unlike oil or gas, this is one pipeline people would love to see break.

Source: Flanders News
Hero Image: Flickr user "brostad" (CC BY 2.0)

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