Bigger in Texas: Austin Brewery Releases 99-Packs of Beer

99 cans of beer in the case, 99 cans of beer…


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As folk songs go, "99 Bottles of Beer" has always been a fan favorite. Kids love it because it annoys parents, parents love it because, well... it's about beer. Who doesn't love beer?

Until now, no one has been crazy enough, brave enough to bring the song to life. But this week, that's all set to change: Austin Beerworks, one of the Texas capital's most popular breweries, has announced availability of a limited run of 99-packs.

The absolutely genuine, 100% real, extremely limited edition 99-pack will contain 99 cans (sorry, bottle fans) of the Austin Beerworks Peacemaker Extra Pale Ale, and will retail for $99.

For the mathematically challenged, that works out to $1 per can. It's not much of a bulk discount over your average 6- or 12-pack, but the 99-pack will certainly get you a lot more attention if you bring it to a party.

The 7-foot-long, 82-pound cases in question are a sight to behold. They are also comically impractical—a fact that the promo video gleefully shows off:

Last weekend, a brewery employee chimed in on a Reddit discussion to answer a few popular questions. We particularly enjoyed this one:

Hey, that's the most impractical idea ever.
Yes it is. We made the 99-packs as cumbersome and awkward as possible to discourage retailers from ordering them. But, it didn't work and now we have to make a lot of them. We self-distribute all of our beers, so in addition to pissing our packaging crew off, our drivers will also hate us.

The brewery is planning a staggered release of a total of 1,500 cases, and plans to release 20 of the behemoths into the Austin wilds on Thursday. If you're hoping to snag one, you'll need to pay close attention to the Austin Beerworks Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds.

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"We self-distribute all of our beers, so in addition to pissing our packaging crew off, our drivers will also hate us."

Think before you drink, though! A recent review of Peacemaker on popular beer review site suggests (without ever actually saying so) that not only is it a mediocre beer, but it could turn you into a shoe-eating, soap-drinking pot addict. Caveat emptor.

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