Sub-Zero's New Fridges Target the “Four Enemies of Wine”

Temperature, UV light, humidity, and vibration are on notice.

Credit: Sub-Zero

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Sub-Zero has long been a leading name in the high-end refrigeration game, including the rarefied wine storage market. This week, the company announced a major update to its wine storage line, including new performance features and additional sizes.

Specifically, Sub-Zero says its newest wine storage units target the “four enemies of wine”: temperature, UV light, humidity, and vibration. To combat these issues, its newest wine fridges offer precise temperature control in two zones (one for red, one for white), UV-resistant glass, dual evaporators, and full-extension interior racks that dampen vibrations.

Other nifty features include soft LED lighting, soft open and close doors, a tile inventory system with available blank tiles for customization, an accessory lock to keep kids out of the booze, and connectivity with home security systems.

There are also three new widths: a 30-inch variant available in March 2015, as well as 18- and 24-inch versions that’ll be ready in April. Looks like cork-destroying humidity has a few months to prepare for its annihilation.

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