Synek Unveils Its Redesigned Draft Beer Dispenser

Could the growler's days be numbered?

The Synek Draft System Credit: Synek

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After an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, the self-professed "Keurig of beer" is back with a fresh design. We wrote about the Synek back when it was a glint in Kickstarter's eye. Now the company has unveiled the consumer version of this clever little beer dispenser.

While little has changed internally, things on the surface have greatly improved. The first Synek dispenser clung to the Keurig machine aesthetic a little too tightly in our opinion. Gone is the visual temperature readout and clear dispenser window, and in its place is a sleek metal front and understated logo. The pourer handle has also had a design upgrade, with the plastic handle replaced with a wood version.

Temperature and pressure controls can be accessed through the right front panel, which adds to the refined and uncluttered aesthetic.

While we were impressed with Synek's solution to the growler problem, we had our doubts about whether it was an issue for anyone but the most enthusiastic of beer drinkers.

The popularity of craft beer is definitely on the rise, but is there a large enough market for a dedicated growler replacement? Probably, but it's not likely to revolutionize the craft beer industry.

The Synek is currently available for pre-order.

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