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These Gadgets Are Like Swiss Army Knives for Booze

Shaken, stirred, or spun?


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A new line of bartending gadgets proves that making cocktails doesn't require a drawerful of tools.

Quench's Bar10der won a design award at last year's International Home and Housewares show. Combining ten foldable tools in one device—including muddler, reamer, jigger, zester, stirrer, strainer, corkscrew, bottle opener, standard knife, and channel knife—it's designed for home entertainment in small spaces.

Today, the Bar10der sells for $39.99 at a number of different retailers, including Bed, Bath & Beyond, UncommonGoods, and Brookstone.

The original Bar10der all-in-one cocktail tool.

The original Bar10der all-in-one cocktail tool.

At this year's Housewares show, Quench came out with four new products. Based on the original Bar10der, the Cocktail Masters line of multitools is redesigned for martinis, mojitos, and margaritas. For instance, the Mojito Master has a mint cutter and muddler, while the Margarita Master has a glass rimmer.

The Cocktail Spinner, from Quench

The Cocktail Spinner, from Quench

My personal favorite debut was the Cocktail Spinner, which makes drink-mixing a tidier affair. Sure, some people can get all Tom Cruise in Cocktail and turn making a drink into a performance, but I usually end up misaligning the tumbler and mixing glass. That means my first whiskey sour usually ends up on my shirt.

The Cocktail Spinner puts an agitator inside a shaker. Push down on the top, and it'll stir your drink for you. Push hard for a lot of agitation, or press gently for a mild stir.

James Bond might not approve, but spinning a drink looks a heck of a lot more suave than spilling it all over your kitchen.

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