These Geeky Fridges Are the Perfect Dorm Accessories

Sci-fi superfans, look no further.


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For many first-year college students, the mini fridge is an essential purchase... along with a microwave, red vines, and a mega-case of ramen noodles. It's the first vital step towards actual adulthood, and a kitchen of one's own.

(It's definitely not just a place to store beer. No, definitely not.)

But as we've discovered—and as you are no doubt already aware—mini-fridges are almost universally useless at storing anything other than canned beverages. So if you're going to waste your first student loan check on a glorified cooler, you might as well get a fridge that stands out among the sea of white cubes.

Rubik's Cube Mini Fridge

Solving this particular cube may prove difficult.

The obvious choice for the more conventional amongst us is a tried and true sports fridge. But while sporty appliances are all well and good, for the more pop-culturally aware nothing beats a Rubik's cube mini-fridge (MSRP $149.99). As someone who has never successfully solved a Rubik's cube, the thought of a huge puzzle sitting in my room, quietly mocking my inadequacy is almost too much to bear. (Luckily, this one can't actually be played.)

Fortunately, ThinkGeek also offers a couple of less intimidating and still suitably science fiction–themed options. First up is an idea so patently obvious we're amazed no one else thought of it first. The Borg cube mini-fridge (MSRP $149.99) is inspired by the iconic vessel of the Borg race, introduced in Star Trek: The Next Generation. (Season 2, episode 16, to be precise.)

Borg Mini Fridge

It seeks only to raise the quality of food storage for all species. Resistance is futile.

Meanwhile, for the geeky anglophiles, there's the suitably quaint TARDIS-themed mini-fridge (MSRP $74.99). Inspired by the Doctor Who's preferred mode of time-traveling transportation, this icebox may not be bigger on the inside than the outside, but it should be big enough to store your leftover fish fingers and custard for a couple of days. (Or a few cans of Guinness.)

TARDIS Mini Fridge

Bigger on the inside? Probably not...

The TARDIS fridge can hold up to six cans, while owners of the Rubik and Borg fridges will be able to stuff up to nine 12oz sodas or beers into the cooling cavity. In addition to keeping food cold, all three fridges have a heat setting—there's nothing worse than cold custard, after all.

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Those hoping to explore strange new worlds will be happy to know that all three fridges can be powered by a DC 12V car socket, which means these fridges could make good road trip companions for those heading to next year's ComicCon.

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