Our favorite affordable robot vacuum just got an upgrade—and it's on sale

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Our favorite affordable robot vacuum just got an upgrade—and it's on sale Credit: Eufy

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The RoboVac 11 from Eufy is the best affordable robot vacuum we've ever tested, and easily the most popular model among our readers. But it may soon be unseated by its upgraded version—the Eufy RobotVac 11+ with "Power Boost" technology.

Everything you love about the RoboVac 11... and more

The new RoboVac 11+ has the same great features as the original model, but it comes with way more new perks than the small price difference might lead you to believe. The aptly named Power Boost technology in the 11+ allows this vacuum to adjust its suctioning power for extra dirty jobs. This extra boost will only activate when necessary to conserve battery life and make for a more efficient cleaning process.

The RoboVac 11+ comes equipped with a HEPA filter system that's 24% larger than in its predecessor. That means less pet hair and allergens left behind. It also has larger wheels that allow it to tackle low- and medium-pile carpets with ease. This has an added perk of making the robot vacuum slightly taller, giving it the ability to traverse over obstacles like door runners and carpets up to 17 mm high (the RoboVac 11 could only clear 15mm).

'OK it sounds great, but how much more does it cost?'

More benefits means a higher price, right? Well yes, but it's not as much as you might think. The 11+ is priced at $239.99, $20 more than the RoboVac 11. For the added features, this is a steal! But the 11+ is already on sale for even less.

Right now, you can use the code 2GEROB11 at checkout to save $40 and get the newest Eufy robot vacuum for just $199.99.

While we haven't gotten a chance to test the new model yet, we've seen nothing but great results from the 11 and 11c (which works with Amazon Alexa) and are confident this model will deliver the same great quality we've come to expect from Eufy's vacuum lineup (and many of their other products too).

Get the Eufy RoboVac 11+ with Power Boost technology on Amazon for $199.99 with the code "2GEROB11"

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