This little gadget projects bedtime stories onto your walls and ceilings

A tale as old as time

This gadget projects stories onto your wall and ceiling. Credit: Kickstarter / Moonlite

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From a young age my parents instilled in me a love of reading. They used to read me bedtime stories every night, which I loved because I had an enormous imagination. Though I preferred books about dragons and princesses over school books, that never stopped my parents from indulging me. Unsurprisingly, when I got older, I became a professional writer. Cool, right? It's the circle of life and all that jazz. If your kid loves bedtime stories, well, you're in luck. Moonlite is a story projector that attaches to your smartphone.

Moonlite uses your smartphone's flashlight to project full-color images onto your ceilings and walls. All you have to do is insert a story reel, clip the device to your phone, fire up the companion app, and select a story. When it's time to turn the page, just turn the reel. This simple (but brilliant) invention really revamps the way we tell bedtime stories. Whether you're learning about opposites or listening to a classic fairy tale, every reel tells a different story. There's also fun sound effects you can play with on the app.

According to the inventor's Kickstarter page, the estimate ship date is April 2017. The starter pledge retails at $35, but pledge soon because there's only six left. The original goal was $20k, but now it's well past $300k, which says a lot about the demand for such a product. Lastly, the Moonlite app will be available on iPhones and Android phones.