What is this creature, and how can I get one?

Say hello to your new best friend

This educational smart toy encourages imaginative play. Credit: Twitter

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Growing up, my parents used to say that I strolled through life with my head in the clouds. They weren't being mean. I was just an imaginative kid with lots and lots of invisible friends. Honestly, not much has changed. I'm still fascinated by unique toys that ignite conversation and epic stories about warrior women that wrestle snakes twice their size. When I discovered Woobo, an educational smart toy for kids, I was filled with that same sense of whimsy I felt as a child.

Woobo looks like one of those fictional monsters from Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak's famous picture book. This talking robot encourages imaginative play and creative thinking. Woobo tells stories, plays meditative music at night, teaches children healthy habits, and more. Parents can also send messages to their child with the companion app. Kids can even record their own carefully crafted reply by pressing their furry friend's hand.

There's not much information out yet, so I recommend keeping an eye on the company website for updates. It's just a startup right now, but it may very well develop into something much bigger.