Why now is the perfect time to buy an Amazon Echo

Get an Echo for you and a friend—save some money and enjoy landline life with a modern twist

Why now is the perfect time to buy an Amazon Echo Credit: Amazon

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The Alexa lineup, which includes home and portable Echo devices as well as an app, now allows people to easily call their friends and family by simply uttering a command.

You can relive the days of land-line living, but this time, there’s no headset to wedge under your ear as you try to cook dinner or mix a drink or reorganize your DVD collection. All you need in an Amazon Echo device or app, and a friend or family member who has one too.

Don’t have your own Echo yet? Amazon is currently offering some deals if you buy more than one. You can save $80 when you order two of the flagship Echo devices, which otherwise cost $180 apiece, with the coupon code “ECHO2PACK.”

Amazon Echo Dot
Credit: Amazon

The Echo Dot is a more affordable option if you want to get into the Echo game.

Or, get more bang for your buck with the Echo Dot ($49.99). If you buy three, you'll save $20 with the coupon code “DOT3PACK.” The Dot may not have all the bells and whistles of the Echo, but you can still call with it. Give the extras as a gift, or split the cost with your bffs so you can gab the night away.

The best part is that the Echo devices can do so much more than making calls, and once you have one, you’ll never want to give it up.

Prices are accurate at the time this article was published, but may change over time.

Use Amazon's coupon codes to pick up two Amazon Echo devices for $280 (coupon code: "ECHO2PACK") or get 3 Echo Dots for $130 (coupon code: "DOT3PACK").

Want to hold out for video calling with the new Echo Show? Take advantage of the pre-order deal.