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  • What is Pillow Cube?

  • How did we test the Pillow Cube?

  • What we like about the Pillow Cube

  • What we don’t like about the Pillow Cube

  • What are current owners saying about Pillow Cube?

  • What is Pillow Cube’s return policy?

  • Is the Pillow Cube worth it?

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  • Firm foam

  • Different sizes

  • Comfortable for side sleeping


  • Not great for other sleep positions

What is Pillow Cube?

the pillow cube in its box on a brown wood table
Credit: Reviewed / Lindsey Vickers

Pillow Cube launched in 2019 with a Kickstarter campaign.

If you hadn’t guessed it: Pillow Cube isn’t your traditional pillow. The company launched as a Kickstarter campaign in 2019. Today, it manufactures a variety of foam pillows—all of which are some variation of a cube—that are designed for side sleepers.

It has a travel version, called the “Pillow Cube Classic” as well as a “pro” option (the one we reviewed), which is designed for daily use and comes in different thicknesses. If you’re looking to purchase the full-size version, you can take a quick online quiz to determine which size will best fit your needs. The quiz directed me to the 4-inch Pillow Cube Pro, which is the “thin” option that’s designed for people who are 5-foot-3-inches or shorter—though I’m actually 5-foot-9.

The Pro also comes in “standard” and “thick” options. The standard option is 5 inches tall, and suggested for folks that are 5-foot-4 to 6-foot-3, and the thick option, which is 6 inches tall, is best for those 6-foot-4 or taller. (While these guidelines are helpful, I think it’s more a matter of frame size and personal preference than just height, but we’ll get into that.)

The Pillow Cube is made from a solid piece of foam, unlike our all-time favorite Coop Home Goods Original pillow, which are endlessly adjustable because of the shredded foam filling. Pillow Cubes come in a polyester cover, though you’ll probably still want to pop a pillowcase on top of it.

How did we test the Pillow Cube?

a person sleeps on the pillow cube
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

We tested the Pillow Cube by having two different staff members sleep on it.

I’m the designated sleep writer here at Reviewed, and as such all things sleep usually come my way first. But sometimes, sleep products simply aren’t made for me, and they’re better suited to other people’s needs and preferences.

After a night with the Pillow Cube, I realized it was not for me. Ultimately, I need a pillow that’s thinner to accommodate how I sleep on my side—which involves my shoulders shriveling into basically nothing. So, I tracked down another Reviewed staff member who also likes to sleep on their side, but who has slightly broader shoulders than my own. Our operations coordinator Sofia Tort stepped up to the plate. She slept on it for a week and took incessant questions on everything from how the material felt to her sleep position.

What we like about the Pillow Cube

hands press into the surface of the pillow cube
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

The Pillow Cube's shape makes it a great option for some.

If Pillow Cube works for you, it will really work. Sofia loves the thing, and says it’s on the holiday wishlist she’s passing off to her partner this year. For Sofia, who tends to sleep in a way that she describes as “contorted,” the Pillow Cube is a dream. She previously combined two or three old pillows in hopes of achieving the support she immediately found when sleeping with this one. “It’s soft where it needs to be, but firm enough that it still supports my neck, head, and shoulders particularly while side sleeping.”

Its shape and texture are key, in her experience. “The more firm and squared pillow shape provides support for keeping my neck slightly more upright,” she says. Thanks to the Pillow Cube, she got a better night’s sleep than she’d had for weeks. “It rules,” she says.

I, too, noticed the cube’s springy texture even in my relatively short bout with it. The pillow doesn’t have that sink-in sensation associated with memory foam—instead it has a very buoyant foam surface. Resting your head on it, you’ll notice that it strikes a great balance between supportiveness and a bit of cushion. The company billed it as a mattress for your head in the Kickstarter campaign, and after trying it out, I think that’s a fair description of it.

In Sofia’s experience, the foam was never hot (something that can be a problem for products made from this material). “Speaking as a habitual ‘flip the pillow to the cold side’ person, I feel like I would’ve noticed if it had [slept hot],” Sofia says.

Looking at the company’s website, I was almost tempted to think it was a joke. The product is meme-worthy, after all, and its website leans into that with kitschy marketing. At the time of publication, the home page featured a cat in a Hawaiian shirt wearing sunglasses. It reminded me of Keyboard Cat, in an odd way. I’m glad to inform you that, yes, despite the peculiar marketing and interesting choice in advertising, the Pillow Cube is, in fact, real.

What we don’t like about the Pillow Cube

a close up of the the pillow cube on a bed with an orange bed spread
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

The Pillow Cube is designed for side sleepers, and as such it's not great for folks who tend to snooze on their back or stomach.

To be at its best, the Pillow Cube has to be just the right fit for your body. For me, it was a subpar experience. When I first curled up with it, I was excited as it had a slimmer profile than many of the pillows I’ve previously tried. It was another story when I lay down: I only lasted about 20 minutes of scrolling through social media before knowing I couldn’t sleep through the night. The surface was overly firm for me, but what was more troublesome was that I could feel even its slim profile pushing my neck up too far.

In the morning, I had a lingering curiosity about why the Pillow Cube failed me—so I did what any good sleep writer would do and went back to bed. The answer was fairly obvious once I started to reconsider: My shoulders more or less collapse beneath me when I settle on my side. Instead of remaining aligned, my lower shoulder rolls toward my back or my front, with my torso ever-so-slightly twisted one wya or the other. Instead of needing a pillow that’s several inches thick, this shift means I need next to nothing.

The only other minor downside is that its shape is not exceptionally compatible with average pillowcases and pillow protectors, as it tends to slide around. Whether or not this bothers you will largely depend on personal preference. For Sofia and me, it was a nonissue.

The company recognizes its signature shape isn’t the best-lent to other products, so you can also purchase tailored pillowcases. Cases start at $7.50, with most costing $13 to $15. However, the company has an Italian silk option for $80.99, too.

If it wasn’t obvious, this is a pillow for side sleepers. If you’re a stomach or back sleeper, it’s probably not your best bet. (That said, Sofia sometimes rotates in the night and found it fine when she dozed on her back.) I flip between sleeping on my side and my stomach, depending on my mattress and mood, and the Pillow Cube would not work for me on my stomach. Even at its thinnest it’s too thick—its depth would cause my head and neck to arch up at an uncomfortable angle. In writing about sleep, there’s nothing I’ve come to embrace more than the fact that I shouldn’t make prescriptive rules and generalizations about catching zzz’s. But I’m comfortable saying that I can’t imagine a stomach sleeper who would find this pleasant to sleep on.

What are current owners saying about Pillow Cube?

the pillow cube on its box atop a mattress
Credit: Pillow Cube

Most reviewers love their Pillow Cube.

Reviewers seem to love the Pillow Cube Pro, too. It has 5 stars based on more than 1,700 online reviews. (However we think the 5-star rating is rounded up, as there are a number of reviewers who didn’t give the pillow full marks.)

A handful wish there were more sizes available—and I can’t blame them. Personally, I wish there was an extra-thin option. “I have the 6-inch Pro. It is the best pillow that I have ever used,” one writes. “The only thing I am hopeful for is a 7-inch or 8-inch thick Pro for us guys with broad shoulders. This is the only shortcoming for me,” he continues. Most seem blown away and utterly thrilled with their purchase, and a handful claim that it’s addressed neck pain they previously endured night after night.

What is Pillow Cube’s return policy?

a person unzips the pillow cube to reveal its foam core
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

You can return Pillow Cube products for 60 days.

Pillow Cube offers a better return policy than many other vendors—which is key, as it’s virtually impossible to tell whether a product will work for you before actually sleeping on it. Fortunately, you can buy a Pillow Cube and return or exchange the product, no questions asked, within 60 days of purchase thanks to the company’s satisfaction guarantee. The company covers return shipping fees, however, if you request a refund there will be a $20 restocking cost.

Is the Pillow Cube worth it?

the pillow cube tag on an orange background
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

The Pillow Cube won't solve every side sleepers' woes, but it will work for some.

Whether or not you like the Pillow Cube will largely depend on your frame—the dimensions of your shoulders and how well they jive with the cube’s shape. Some, like me, will find it still doesn’t perfectly meet their needs as a side sleeper. Others, like Sofia, may spend one night on the pillow and won’t be able to fathom another without it.

Just know this: Beneath the crazy advertising, vibrant colors, and seemingly limited customer service (there’s no online chat or instant way to contact the company via its website, you’re stuck emailing and waiting), this is a decent product for some people. Many will find it more of a dream than a meme at the end of the day.

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