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  • What is the Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology?

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  • What I didn’t like about the Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology

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  • Is the Casper Foam Pillow worth it?

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I loved Casper’s foam pillow, but its so-called “Snow Technology” left me unimpressed.

What is the Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology?

Casper is a mattress and sleep product company. It sells bedding, pillows, lights, and even a dog bed. In our original tests to find the best bed pillows, The Casper Original Pillow—made from down-alternative fill surrounding a foam core—performed quite well, particularly as a pillow for side sleepers.

But for stomach and back sleepers for whom the Original is too lofty, Casper offers a foam pillow, made of three layers of foam with a polyester cover and costing $89 at full price in standard size. The company claims its foam contains perforations that push heat out at night, keeping the pillow cool. It also comes in a king size for $119. The pillow includes a removable cover that can be machine-washed.

For an extra $50, you can get the Casper foam pillow with “Snow Technology” that is supposed to stay cool for 12 hours during use. A pillow with this upgrade includes “heat delete bands” within the layers of foam. The bands are made of graphite and “actively pull heat away from you and out through the perforations in the foam,” according to a customer service representative for the brand.

As a stomach sleeper who heats up overnight, I had to try it for myself.

What I like about the Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology

Person using hands to hold open pillow case with pillow inside.
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

Casper’s pillow fulfilled all my dreams for a firm-but-comfortable pillow that isn’t too big.

The coolness (at first)

This pillow started out cooler than the ones I have at home, even when it was wrapped in one of my standard cotton pillowcases. I conducted a daytime test where I laid on my bed with one arm on the Casper pillow and my other arm on my cheap home pillow. Both pillows started out cool to the touch. The cheap pillow became warm in seconds while the Casper pillow remained cool around my arm for several minutes.

The firmness

I loved this pillow the moment I laid my head on it. As a stomach sleeper, it checked exactly the right box for me in its surface feel. It’s much firmer than most pillows I’ve encountered, while still being soft enough for me to settle into comfortably. As I’m often resting face-down, I detest squishy pillows that make me feel as though I’m drowning in fabric. I typically sleep with my mouth hanging off the edge of pillows for this reason. I had no such issue with Casper’s foam pillow. I could sleep with my head in the center and breathe with ease.

The shape

The standard sized pillow, which measures 16 by 24 inches with a 4 inch height, made me feel supported in any sleep position. It felt a little flatter than the pillows I’m used to, in a good way. I could lie on my stomach or back without straining my neck. It also provided ample support when I lay on my side, although someone with broader shoulders may find it too small.

What I didn’t like about the Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology

The short duration it kept cool

Although the Casper pillow never felt too hot, it warmed up in far less than the promised 12 hours. After sleeping with it overnight, I found that the foam directly under my face felt hot compared to the areas I wasn’t sleeping on. This made me concerned that the Casper Snow wasn’t better than other pillows in the long run.

We put my initial impression to the test in our Cambridge, Mass. lab. There we put heating pads and temperature monitors on the Casper Snow and on a Coop Home Goods Original pillow, our current favorite bed pillow, by way of comparison. Although the Casper pillow had a cooling advantage for the first 10 minutes, it did not perform better than the Coop over time. This means you might feel cool as you drift off to sleep, but it isn’t likely to last all night—unless you’re someone who moves your head or flips your pillow around a lot in your sleep.

The higher-than-most pricetag

The Casper foam pillow with Snow Technology costs $139 at full price. That’s nearly twice as much as other high quality bed pillows we’ve loved, including the Coop Home Goods Original. It costs $89 without the cooling technology, which puts it closer to other good pillows we have tested.

What are other people saying about the Casper Foam Pillow

The reviews for the pillow with and without Snow Technology are combined on Casper’s webpage. The pillow has 4.5 stars from 153 customers, who say it’s comfortable and provides excellent support.

“It has just the right level of firmness with a soft feel that makes you feel like your head is on a cloud,” writes one customer. “I took it with me on vacation recently and have never slept longer or better.”

None of the customers appear to specifically reference the Snow Technology.

Is the Casper Foam Pillow worth it?

Memory foam pillow laying on white mattress.
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

I would love to go to bed with this pillow every night, but I wouldn’t spend extra money on the snow technology.

Yes for the Casper foam, no for the cooling feature

I loved sleeping with this pillow. Even though the cooling claims didn’t win me over, I thought it was a great size, shape, and firmness level. If you’re a person who doesn’t like pillows that are too thick or too squishy, the Casper foam pillow could be a great fit. Its $89 price tag isn’t cheap, but if it’s in your budget I say go ahead.

What I can’t condone is paying an additional $50 for the Snow Technology. The pillow felt colder than most when I first put my head on it, but the coolness didn’t hold up in our home or lab tests.

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