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  • What is Yaasa?

  • How did we test the Yaasa weighted blanket?

  • What we like about Yaasa’s weighted blanket

  • What we don’t like about Yaasa’s weighted blanket

  • What are current owners saying?

  • What’s it like to sleep with the Yaasa weighted blanket?

  • Is Yaasa’s weighted blanket worth it?

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  • Distributes weight well

  • Anchors secure the cover


  • Sleeps hot

  • Difficult to use zipper

What is Yaasa?

Yaasa is an online company that carries a variety of home products, ranging from home office items such as standing desks to weighted blankets. The company was founded in 2016, and started selling weighted blankets in 2020. The next year it introduced two more weighted blankets, the luxurious Yaasa Luxe Organic Weighted Blanket, which starts at $299, and the less expensive Yaasa Signature Weighted Blanket, starting at $179.

We tested its Signature Weighted Blanket, which features a plush, fuzzy cover that provides a buffer for the internal weighted component. The outer layer is made of a polyester fleece; the inside is made with a bamboo-based rayon and polyester blend. Its heft mainly comes from the silicone beads distributed within stitched compartments of the blanket.

Yaasa’s Signature Weighted Blanket is available in three colors: white, gray, and slate. The blanket also comes in three weights of 10, 15, and 20 pounds. Like most other weighted blanket manufacturers, Yaasa suggests opting for a blanket that’s about 10% of your body weight, which explains the variety in its selection.

How did we test the Yaasa weighted blanket?

a person sleeps under the yaasa weighted blanket
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

We tested the Yaasa Signature Blanket by having someone sleep under it for a night.

Here at Reviewed, we believe in testing that’s practical and representative of actually using a product—meaning our testing hinges on people actually using the things we write about. As such, the Yaasa Signature Weighted Blanket found its way into my home and onto my bed. I slept under it for a night, and also cozied up with it briefly while awake during the day.

What we like about Yaasa’s weighted blanket

a close up of the yaasa blanket's anchor
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

Yaasa's weighted blanket uses two points to anchor the weighted core to the outer cover.

The cover is cozy and makes it feel like a treat

Yaasa’s Signature Weighted Blanket has an ultra-plush cover that is a joy to curl up with. It makes the blanket feel more versatile both as something you’d grab to snuggle with while watching TV and as you doze off at night. Many of the other weighted blankets we’ve tested didn’t have the same broad appeal. When I look for a blanket to curl up with in my waking hours, I want something that’s soft and comforting. The plush feel of fleece, like that used on the Yaasa Signature Weighted Blanket, is always a good choice, whereas the smooth covers on others aren’t always equally appealing.

The weight remains distributed overnight

Thanks to the design of the internal blanket, the heft of the Yaasa Signature Weighted Blanket is well-distributed throughout the night. The beads are separated into distinct compartments by stitching that looks like that of a simple quilt. Square boxes prevent the fill from moving about when you change positions under the blanket. With other weighted blankets, the fill may shift about more readily—whether it's due to larger compartments in the weighted portion, or a total lack of barriers to maintain fill distribution.

The blanket also has a number of internal anchors that keep the weighted component from moving too much. (Not dissimilar to duvet covers with loops that keep a comforter in place.) At each anchor point, the blanket connects to the cover with a thick, canvas ribbon, and a dense, piece of elastic houses a button. The two points hold the blanket in place, though they weren’t all connected when the blanket arrived, making its cover seem dramatically oversized when I first opened it.

Even when I shifted positions or moved in bed, it didn’t slide off me or the mattress. Perhaps the fuzziness of the cover provided a bit of traction against other bedding.

What we don’t like about Yaasa’s weighted blanket

a persons hands pull at the zipper on the yaasa blanket
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

The zipper on this blanket was hard to use due to the fuzzy fleece exterior.

The cover is ultra-warm

I run colder than just about anyone I know. Even so, I felt like a baked burrito under this blanket one chilly, winter night. I don’t think it’s the weighted component of the blanket that’s turbocharged—instead it’s all in the cover. This might make it a dream pick for some people, but for me it was too much.

If you want a weighted blanket for year-round use, or you live in a warmer climate, look into other weighted blanket options, like our top pick from Gravity. It also comes in a cooling version that we found to be more comfortable in hotter temps—though we still wouldn’t recommend it for folks who sleep really hot, as it doesn’t do anything to actively cool you.

The cover isn’t flawless

The cover is a tad oversized and challenging to take off. When I first removed the blanket from the package, it appeared far too large for the internal component. However, after I fastened the anchor points nearest the zipper, the fit drastically improved.It still wasn't perfect, with a bit of excess fabric on the edges, but it was far better.

Getting the cover off for washing or cleaning, however, proved another experience entirely. I turned the blanket around and around again until I eventually gave up, concluding that perhaps it wasn’t made with a washable or removable cover, and I was misguided. It wasn’t until I lugged the blanket out to show a colleague that we found the zipper—tucked away in heaps of fleece, close to the tag.

He struggled to get the zipper to so much as budge due to the thick fabric and rogue pieces of fleece that drifted across the path of its teeth. Trying to finagle the zipper open required deftly separating the fuzzy fabric from its path. I felt like a true primate, sitting there and nit-picking at the warm fabric to free the zipper.

What are current owners saying?

the insert of the yaasa weighted blanket on the fleece cover
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

People who own the Yaasa Signature Weighted Blanket love it.

The Signature Weighted Blanket is a newer addition to Yaasa’s lineup, and as such it doesn’t have the same volume of reviews as the company’s Serenity Weighted Blanket, which has been available since 2020.

At the time of publication, the Signature Weighted Blanket had 105 reviews, and a lofty 4.93 stars. One reviewer, who has chronic back problems, said the blanket completely changed their sleep. The blanket has had a dramatic, and positive impact on their nights. “I barely wake up anymore in the night and something with the pressure helps the pain in my back,” they write.

What’s it like to sleep with the Yaasa weighted blanket?

the yaasa blanket folded on the foot of a bed
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

Weighted blankets exude a gentle pressure that's like a soft hug.

For those who have slept with weighted blankets before, the Yaasa will provide a similar experience. It may be warmer than other blankets, especially those with a knit texture, which are more breathable.

If you haven’t slept or snuggled up under a weighted blanket, think of it like a giant, gentle, full-body hug. Instead of squeezing just your torso, the blankets provide a subtle, distributed pressure across your entire body. It’s this quality that purportedly lends the blankets anxiety-relieving properties.

By our lab’s scale, the Signature Weighted Blanket we received weighed 15.3 pounds (we assume the cover accounts for the 0.3 excess). The size is almost exactly 10% of my body weight, but I still found it was a bit too light for my liking. Fortunately, Yaasa has a better return policy than many other weighted blanket manufacturers. The blankets come with a 30-day trial period, allowing you to actually test the blanket for yourself before you feel pressure to decide if you’ll keep it. If you wind up with the wrong size, but love the blanket, it can be exchanged within that window, too.

Is Yaasa’s weighted blanket worth it?

yaasa weighted blanket tag
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

The Yaasa Signature Blanket could be perfect for people who run cold—but it may prove too warm for others.

Yaasa’s Signature Weighted Blanket is a great choice for those looking for a warm and comfy weighted blanket, especially for wintertime and cooler climates. However, if you tend to overheat, we think it’s not the best option as its fuzzy cover is super insulating.

It’s a beautiful blanket that’s well made, and I enjoyed sleeping under it. If I were picking out a weighted blanket for myself, my apartment was consistently cold, and I felt I could handle the heat, it would be a strong contender. It’s not as expensive as our favorite weighted blanket from Gravity, and it’s far cozier. For some, it will check every box.

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Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

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