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How Amazon's Alexa could one day be in every device in your home

Amazon is letting companies bake Alexa into anything, even a thermostat.

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Alexa is everywhere. It's on your fridge, in your speakers, in your phone, in your watch, in your intercom, and even in your car. But Amazon's virtual assistant is just getting started.

A supposed leaked image is floating around Twitter today thanks to tech insider Dave Katz of a smart thermostat with Alexa built-in from smart home startup Ecobee. Ecobee already makes a smart thermostat called the Ecobee3 that's very similar to Nest's offering (some would argue it's better), but not as popular.

I haven't been able to get any confirmation from the company about this alleged product, but regardless, it's still a perfect example of what is coming.

Last week, Amazon quietly announced that it was releasing its Alexa seven-microphone hardware array (found in the Echo smart speaker) to hardware developers, allowing them to save engineering resources when it comes to baking Alexa hardware and software into their products.

That means it will be much easier for Alexa to start appearing in all sorts of products, even thermostats. One day, we could find the assistant in our washing machines, our fridges, our TVs, you name it. You'll likely be able to shout Alexa from anywhere in your home and have one of a dozen devices hear you.

Of course there are massive privacy implications, but only time will tell when we finally address those issues. Until then it's Alexa's world, and we're just living in it.

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