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Google Assistant can help you shop at Walmart—here's how

Say hello to your new shopping buddy

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The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we shop, especially for groceries. From donning masks to wearing gloves, many Americans are taking extra precautions when stocking up on pantry staples and other essential items. Grocery shopping online has become a great option for many during quarantine, and if you're shopping at Walmart, Google Assistant can help.

With a few simple voice commands, you can order everything you need from Walmart using a Google-Assistant-enabled speaker or smartphone. While this may not be ideal for massive shopping lists, when you’re standing in your kitchen looking at a cookbook or recipe site, it’s convenient to just read off what you need to your smart assistant.

How to shop at Walmart using Google Assistant

Credit: Walmart

Make sure to connect your Walmart account with Google Assistant.

1. Getting started

If you have an iOS device, download the Google Assistant app. Planning on using a Google Home speaker? You'll still need to install the Google Asssistant app on your iOS device.

Android users (including those users who intend to use a Google Home speaker), can skip to step 3.

2. Launch the Google Assistant app.

Open the app and log into your Google account.

3. Talk to Google Assistant

For iOS users, tap the microphone icon in the Google Assistant app to get started, while most Android devices allow you to summon Google Assistant by holding the Home button. Then use the command "Hey Google, talk to Walmart."

4. Sync your Google account with Walmart

In order to embark on your virtual shopping trip, you need to create a Walmart account. Google Assistant will ask to link your Google account with Walmart when you say, “Hey Google, talk to Walmart.” Follow the prompts to connect your accounts using Google Assistant on your smartphone.

5. Select your default Walmart store

If this is your first time using Google to shop at Walmart, it’s important to set your location so Google Assistant knows which store to shop. To do this, say, “Select my store.”

Google will ask permission to obtain your current location. Upon granting access, Google will display the closest Walmart location to you. Tap or say “yes” using Google Assistant on your phone to confirm the default pick-up store. Now you're ready to shop using Google Assistant on your smartphone or continue the conversation on any Google Home speaker.

6. Adding items to your cart

To add items to your cart, say, “OK Google, tell Walmart to add [product] to my cart.” Google Assistant will suggest an item that matches the item you requested. Google will also let you know the size, price, and product name before asking if you’d like to add the item to your cart.

To place the item in your cart tap or say, “Yes.” Need more than one? Just ask Google Assistant for however many you need. For example, you can say, “Hey Google, add five bananas to my cart.”

Don’t like Google’s suggestion? Say “next item,” and Google Assistant will pull up a similar product. To add a specific item to your cart, specify the name, brand, or other details about the item you’re looking for.

You can also modify what's in your cart by saying things like, “OK Google, tell Walmart to add four more bananas" or “Ok Google, tell Walmart I don’t want bananas anymore.”

Ready to review your order? Ask Google Assistant, “What’s in my cart?”

7. Checking out

Once you’re done shopping say, “Checkout.” Google will tell you how many items are in your cart and the total cost.

If you have a coupon to apply say, “OK Google, can I apply a promo code?”

Google will ask if you would like to book a pick-up time, to which you can say or tap “yes” or “no thanks.” For delivery, say “Go to Walmart Grocery Cart.” This brings you to the Walmart website where you can choose a delivery time.

Google Assistant can also answer questions like "Where do I pick up my order?" and "What time can I pick up my order?"

Keep in mind that pick-up time slots are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to coronavirus concerns, Walmart is experiencing an increased demand. Therefore, your preferred pick-up window may be unavailable. New times open up each morning, so if you can’t snag a pick-up time, check back later.

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