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Track Your Family's Sleep with HugOne

Because more informed sleep is better sleep.

Credit: Sevenhugs

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HugOne is a family-oriented sleep tracking product from Sevenhugs, a new company based in France whose goal is to create technology "for a better life". Sevenhugs debuted HugOne at CES 2015.

There are many sleep tracking systems on the market today. HugOne distinguishes itself from the competition in a few ways.

Credit: Sevenhugs

HugOne with partner app

First, HugOne communicates with multiple sensors, called minihugs, that can be placed in different bedrooms to track the sleep of multiple members of the household at once. Minihugs record sleep data and monitor temperature, humidity, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the air.

Second, Sevenhugs believes that minimizing wireless communications in the bedroom at night leads to better sleep, so each minihug records data overnight but only transmits the data to its partner app after you get out of bed in the morning. The partner app provides easy-to-read graphs from each minihug so you can get a complete picture of sleep across your entire family.

Third, the HugOne base has two alert lights, one at the top of the device and one at the bottom. It is meant to be placed somewhere that isn't a bedroom. You can set the bottom light to glow when a minihug detects restlessness during the night. The top light glows when temperature, humidity, or VOCs cross an unacceptable threshold.

HugOne app
Credit: / Erin Fife

HugOne can track sleep and send data to an app on your phone.

For parents, getting a visual alert of restlessness from kids' minihugs could be handy, as it could indicate that kids are out of bed, or are reading or playing when they should be sleeping. For a family without kids, however, we're not sure of an immediate application for the warning system. That being said, the top light warning could come in handy for anyone, as it will tell you if there's an environmental issue you need to address. It may be as simple as opening the window if the air quality registers as too low.

Lastly, HugOne has anticipated third party integration with other smart home devices. Sevenhugs mentioned Philips Hue and the Nest to us in particular when we visited with them at CES 2015. Third party integration would allow you to set an alarm through HugOne's app that turns on your smart lightbulbs as part of your wake-up process. Integration with smart thermostats would allow minihugs to turn on the heat during the night if the temperature in any bedroom dropped out of optimal sleeping range.

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Overall, HugOne is an attractive minimalist sleep tracking system that is set to integrate smoothly with your smart home. It is currently available for pre-order, and is set to begin shipping in spring 2015.

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