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Amazon announces new Echo Look camera and style assistant

Amazon will tell you how poorly dressed you look.

A woman using the Amazon Echo Look camera and Style Assistant Credit: Amazon

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Amazon just dropped a new addition to its Alexa family of devices—the Echo Look Camera and Style Assistant. Instead of acting as a security camera, the Echo Look takes photos and videos of you and uses LED lights, a depth-sensing camera, and computer vision to analyze your outfits with its "Style Check" feature and help you pick the best outfits to wear.

It can even save outfits to a personal lookbook, so you know what clothing combinations look best in the future. And of course, the camera includes a speaker and microphone so you can call up Alexa to take these photos and videos, as well as utilize the rest of Alexa's features and integrations.

The camera is priced at $199, making it the most expensive Echo product yet, and is available by invitation only.

And if you're worried about privacy, the camera comes with a mic and camera off button. Given concerns over hacking, not everyone will probably want an Amazon-connected camera in their bedroom or closet.

Amazon Echo Look
Credit: Amazon

This move by Amazon is surprising, but could also be a stroke of genius. The company has been pushing hard into selling clothing online. So it's not far-fetched to imagine a future update where the camera will use its computer vision smarts to let you virtually try on clothes, and buy them through Amazon of course. As the feature set stands right now, Amazon already says the camera will recommend new clothing and brands based on your lookbook.

After all, if you're not the most fashionable person (like me), a camera that tells you that you dress poorly just might get you to splurge on some new clothes.

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