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Firewalker1 Offers a Different Take on Smart Fire Safety

Some people just want to watch their homes burn.

Credit: / Joe Stohlman

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At CES 2015, little-known startup Bella Technologia LLC has announced two new mobile applications. One is designed to delight (and potentially prey on) selfie addicts; the other hopes to save your life.

The more interesting app is part of a system called Firewalker1, which will tap sensor data to detect and track fires. When the sensors are exposed to flame, they shut down, sending an alert to your local fire department. In addition to the initial call, Firewalker maps the fire as it grows and sends updated info in real time.

Credit: / Joe Stohlman

The Firewalker1 in action, showing affected sensors in real time.

It's this real-time info from inside the fire that could really make this product stand out—albeit in a morbid kind of way. Along with information about the fire itself, the application lets firefighters know who's in the building, what their blood types are, and if there are pets in need of rescue.

While this technology is far from being consumer-ready, Bella has set an ambitious goal of getting it to stores in 2015. The company has high hopes to make Firewalker1 the industry standard for not only homes, but high rises and government buildings as well.

But Bella isn't only about tragic, life-destroying events. Fassari also highlighted an app called Jigsie, which twists the selfie game into a literal game. Essentially, it turns self-portraits into jigsaw puzzles with little riddles attached; businesses can even offer customers discounts and prizes based on solving the puzzles.

While it's free for now, the app will soon offer a premium tier that allows you to add music to your puzzles. It's available now for Google Play and iOS.

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