This new dating app matches you based on things you hate

Do you hate butt selfies?

Meet someone who hates cargo shorts as much as you do. Credit: Bob Al-Greene / Mashable

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As you know, Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Some couples do it big while others are more laid back and prefer a quiet night in. But not everyone's a fan of the day of love. Does the sight of pink candy hearts burn your eyes? Are you "allergic" to red roses? Well, if you're a natural born cynic who's looking for love, this dating app is for you.

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Hater is a new dating app that connects you with people based on mutual dislikes. Do you hate paying extra for guacamole? How do you feel about the word moist? The swipe-based app offers up to 3,000 categories. Just swipe down if you hate it, up if you love it, right if you like it, and left if you dislike it. Fun, right? There's no need to sugar coat. Besides, perfection is boring and unrealistic.

The beta is free to download on iTunes. I'm not one for online dating, but this concept is hilarious and refreshing. It really flips the script on traditional dating apps. I like the idea of honest communication from the get go. Oh, and the Android version is coming in the spring. Now go and be your true self.

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