This fun app helps nonverbal kids communicate by turning pictures into words

Tippy Talk allows nonverbal people to express their needs and wants

This fun app helps nonverbal kids communicate. Credit: Tippy Talk

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I've no idea what it's like being the parent of a nonverbal child, but I imagine it's tremendously difficult. My heart goes out to those hard-working parents who are doing everything they can to provide their children with the proper tools they need. TippyTalk, a mobile app that translates pictures into words, is one of those tools. This amazing app allows children with verbal disabilities to express their wants, needs, and more.

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The way it works is simple. Just capture an image that's familiar to the child and apply the appropriate text. When the nonverbal child selects a picture, you'll receive a text message that clearly spells out the specific need or want. You can even record your voice over the picture, which helps with language development. The app not only encourages independent choices, it reduces frustration too.

You can download TippyTalk for free here. It's available on both Google Play and iTunes. Once you've installed the app, you can start adding images and image captions. The setup process seems fairly painless. I think it's an excellent tool for kids who express themselves in non-traditional ways.

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