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16 best-selling bands to buy for your Apple Watch

Buy one for each day of the week.

Two people wearing Apple Watches Credit: Tykhee/NUKELOLO

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If you're an Apple Watch owner but don’t know where to begin searching for a watch band, we’re here to help! A watch band can be personalized with your initials, favorite characters, or color, or it can be simple and minimalist. Like other tech accessories, a watch band is what you make of it: a way to stay in touch with your schedule and love ones or an extension of your brilliant personality.

Whether you're looking for a chic watch band that will look good with your wardrobe or a sweat-resistant band that will keep up with you at the gym or on adventures, we’ve rounded up options to help you find just what you’re looking for.

wrist showing off gold Fitlink Apple watch band, silver metal link Apple watch band by Fitlink
Credit: Fitlink

This Fitlink band is stainless steel for a traditional timepiece look.

Looking for a band that will make your smartwatch look like a stainless steel wristwatch? This link bracelet band is what you need. It has the sheen of a Timex or Fossil timepiece, and it's elegant enough to wear to a formal outing. It's available in more than 10 colors, including gold, blue, black, grey, and rose gold. The best part? It comes with an adjustment tool so you can remove the band's links to shorten its size without visiting a jeweler. This best-seller has a 4.4-star average rating based on over 13,000 reviews.

Get the Fitlink Stainless Steel Metal Band from Amazon for $16.99

2. A simple band

Mesh watch band.
Credit: Heyday

This band is made of stainless steel mesh.

This band is both affordable and simple. The band is made from stainless steel mesh, so it has a metallic finish but provides a comfortable fit. It’s also easy to clean—and for those of us who are sweaty—that’s a big bonus! It's available in "ballet pink," looks looks striking and similar to that of rose gold, and gives your wrist a shiny look. Reviewers say the colors are true to the photo and the band doesn’t pinch.

Get the heyday Apple Watch Mesh Band from Target for $14.99

3. A scrunchie/watch band hybrid

Watch band that looks like a scrunchie.

I love scrunchies, so this watch band is my fave!

Scrunchies are back in! This scrunchie-watch band crossover is my favorite on this list. It looks comfortable and lightweight, and you can even match it to your other scrunchies. There are simple patterns, which will go great with a casual outfit and minimalist wardrobe. There are also busier and more colorful patterns that make a statement, like plaid, florals, and even a Halloween-themed pattern. Reviewers say the band is silky soft, comfortable, and generates a lot of compliments. However, it might not be the best for workouts and humid weather since the fabric isn’t as easy to clean as other materials.

Get the Apple Watch Band Scrunchies from Amazon for $7.99

4. A nylon band

Nylon watch bands.
Credit: PalmettoBands

These lightweight bands are great for those who don't like the feel of silicone.

Though many people love silicone watch bands, some people may have allergies, rashes, or breakouts due to the material. Enter this alternative: a nylon weave band. The nylon weave material is lightweight, breathable, soft, and flexible just like silicone. This watch band also features a buckle to adjust the length of the band. It’s a great—and colorful—option for those who are active, spend a lot of time on the go, and are looking for an affordable watch band. There are almost 25 band options, ranging from classic colors like navy and black to stripes and rainbows.

Get the Nylon Sport Loop Band from PalmettoBands for $8

5. A snakeskin band

A snakeskin watch band.
Credit: JoyMerrymanStore

Add some texture to your accessories.

This faux-snakeskin watch band is sophisticated and stylish. I love the texture it adds to any outfit, and it looks great paired with both silver and gold jewelry (as shown in the image above). Though it’s a bit prettier than other options on this list, reviewers confirm that the materials are high quality and worth the cost. However, my favorite thing about this band is that you can customize the color of the buckle and lugs to go with your favorite accessories.

Get the Gray Snakeskin Print Apple Watch Band from JoyMerrymanStore for $37

6. A double band

A watch band with two straps.
Credit: SimeonDJewelry

I love the extra flair a double-band provides.

I’ve always loved the look of a double-banded watch. It adds dimension and makes a watch feel more like a piece of jewelry than a little computer on my wrist. I’m a huge fan of this cream-colored double strap band. It’s simple, which means it’ll pair with everything. Plus, a double strap adds a little extra comfort and security as you move throughout the day. An added bonus is that the band material is an eco-friendly, vegan leather.

Get the Vegan Leather Apple Watch Bracelet from SimeonDJewelry for $49.99

7. A sporty band

A silicone sports watch band.

This is the best band for workouts and outdoor adventures.

This sport band has a 4.5-star average rating and over 1,800 reviewers on Amazon. The watch band fits all Apple Watch models, which is only one of the reasons it’s so great. The band is flexible and lightweight, so it’s the best option for activities like running, going to the gym, outdoor sports, and high-intensity workouts. The silicone material makes cleaning easy, so you don’t have to worry about the wristband getting stinky or germy. Reviewers say this band is just like one from Apple, for only a fraction of the price. You can find one to match your yoga mat or running shoes since there are almost 20 color options.

Get the SVISVIPA Sport Band from Amazon for $7.99

8. A Mandalorian watch band

A green watch band with Star Wars character.
Credit: thedandiedaisy

Featuring our favorite: Baby Yoda!

If you are a fan of Star Wars, specifically the Mandalorian spinoff series, then this is a watch band to get excited about. This band is seemingly infinitely customizable with multiple colors and quite a few different sizes to choose from, and features multiple images from the Mandalorian series, including Baby Yoda. The band is made of silicone, intended to be versatile and easily cleanable. Make sure to get this one if you want to make all the Star Wars fans in your life jealous.

Get the Engraved Mandalorian Apple Watch Band from thedandiedaisy for $22.50

9. A band for teachers

A watch band with apples and crayon icons.
Credit: JosColeDesigns

Customize your watch band to match your passion for teaching.

If you’re a teacher, this band is for you! I know how useful it can be to have your watch on your wrist to keep track of time, students’ schedules, the day of the week, and how many days until summer break. This band is silicone, so it can be easily wiped down and sanitized, so even if you’re working with younger children it’ll work for you. Plus, you can personalize the band with your name among crayons, right next to other classic teacher icons like pencils and apples. The band is available in eight colors, so make it work with your style.

Get the Teacher Apple Watch Band from JosColeDesigns for $16.95

10. A chic, thin band

A chic watch band.
Credit: OxaLeather

This watch band is thin and compact.

This slim, leather band is chic and minimal. The leather has a brushed look, which is modern and stylish. The band is petite, but anyone can wear it! It’s the opposite of bulky and dresses up any outfit. You can customize your color pairing too, meaning you can select which style you want the buckle to be as well as selecting your favorite shade of genuine leather from 10 options, including jaguar and leopard patterns.

Get the Slim Apple Watch Band from OxaLeather for $29.40

11. A monogrammed band

A monogramed watch band.
Credit: SouthernYallDesigns

You and your sorority sisters can all coordinate.

Some people like to have their things monogrammed, and an Apple Watch is no exception. If you’re one of those people consider this soft, silicone band. Select your favorite color: lavender, navy, light blue, mint, tan, etc, and then enter your initials. The result is a customized band that fits your style. Reviewers say the seller ships quickly, which we all love, right?

Get the Monogram Apple Watch Band from SouthernYallDesigns for $9.99

12. A classic, floral band

Blue floral band.
Credit: Rifle Paper Co.

This is one of our editors' favorite!

This watch band comes highly recommended from one of our editors. It’s from Rifle Paper Co., so you know it’s gorgeous and intricately detailed. I love the mix of shades of blue, especially as someone who always dresses casually. The metallic gold foil catches the light to add a bit of flash to an already detailed design. The band is made of silicone and pairs with Apple Watches from Series 1–6. It’s also worth noting that if you prefer gold jewelry, the watch will look great with your other accessories since it’s hardware is gold as well.

Get the Garden party Blue Apple Watch Band from Rifle Paper Co. for $50

13. A patterned band

A secure watch band.
Credit: SUPcase Store

This band will also protect your new watch face.

If you’re looking for a watch band that is as exuberant and flashy as you, these patterns might be the right fit for you. There is a cheerful, multi-color cheetah print with blue, orange, pink, green, and yellow spots. There’s a chic geometric pattern with navy and gold triangles and a more classic cheetah print. Each watch band is made with smooth silicone for a lightweight and comfortable fit. The bands come in two sizes and reviewers love them so much many have multiple from this seller.

Get the Print Silicone Apple Watch Band from 2chichicks for $15

14. A heavy-duty watch band

Patterned watch bands.
Credit: 2chichicks

Step up your style with bold patterns.

If you want a watch band to match your rugged lifestyle, or you just want the best protection possible for your Apple Watch, then look no further. The band is made up of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane providing military-grade shock-resistance and superior protection. It also features a raised bezel to protect your Apple Watch screen from scratching, in addition to a scratch-resistant band. The band comes in multiple colors so you can customize the band to match your preference.

Get the Rugged Protective Case from Amazon for $21.99

15. A light floral band

Floral watch band.
Credit: Rifle Paper Co.

The designs at Rifle Paper Co. are too pretty to only include one.

I recently wrote about great AirPods cases, and some were from Rifle Paper Co. And lucky you, they also make Apple Watch Bands! You can coordinate your favorite tech accessories with cases featuring matching patterns, like this pastel floral called Wildflowers. It’s light and cheery, and “pretty and practical” as the site says. Like many bands, it is made with silicone for comfortable wear, easy cleaning, and simple assembly.

Get the Wildflowers Apple Watch Band from Rifle Paper Co. for $50

16. A classic leather band

Leather watch band in multiple colors.

Stick with a classic leather band to keep it simple.

If you are looking for the classic leather watch band look, then this band is probably the one for you. This design is intended not to be too flashy, but still have a stylish, classy look to it. This band also comes in a wide variety of colors, a lot more than the typical choices for leather (black and tan), so if you want to be a bit flashy you can go for the more unconventional colors for leather such as orange or smoky blue. The band is also 100% genuine leather offering a soft texture that is an equal mix of style and comfort.

Get the Top Grain Leather Band from Amazon for $12.97

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