Cheap, Waterproof, Camcorder—Samsung W300

Samsung's HMX-W300 offers HD video recording in a waterproof body for under $200.


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A few new playback features where you can add music to your videos, an extra set of Smart Filter modes, and some white balance presets round out the W300's new array of features. Oh, and Samsung also increased the camcorder's underwater depth limit. Where the W200 was rated to go as deep as 10 feet beneath the water surface, the W300 can travel down 16.4 feet underwater. Dive deep (but not too deep), my friends.

The W300's cheap price point and simple interface make it a good camcorder to leave by the pool, stuff in your camping sack, or hand off to the kids when they scoot down the Slip 'n Slide during Summer vacation. It doesn't have any extravagant new features that weren't already present on last year's model, but Samsung seems content on letting this good idea ride for another year.