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Credit: Reviewed.com / Kyle Hamilton

The RDS case comes with two transparent containers that hold four games each and two SD card holders (for additional storage when you need it).

Best Overall
RDS Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case

The RDS Industries Game Traveler Deluxe has everything I could possibly want in a case. In fact, I’d even say it’s the most well-rounded on this list. The screen protector is nicely cushiony and serves as a buffer between the storage pouch and game cartridges. It also comes with two transparent containers that hold four games each and two SD card holders (for additional storage when you need it).

Our only gripe is with the little all-purpose storage pouch, which is too small. You can probably fit a pair of earbuds or joy-con wrist straps in there, but not much else. Aside from this minor nitpick, this case really has a lot to offer. Plus, it comes in all different colors and the outside material, made of hard rubber, is very durable.

If you want to take your docking station or AC adapter with you, this is not the bag. Check out the Ivoler (see below) instead.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Kyle Hamilton

Not only is the Ivoler durable, but it also holds absolutely everything, including the docking station and nineteen games.

Best Large Case
Ivoler Deluxe System Case

The Ivoler case is an absolute beast and we mean that in the best way possible. Not only is it durable, it holds absolutely everything, including the docking station and nineteen games. And yet I was able to fit it inside a medium-sized backpack. If LAN parties are your thing, then this is the perfect case for that, and at a great price.

While there’s a lot we love about this case, we do have one minor nitpick. The game cartridge holders are almost too snug. I never thought I’d ever utter that sentence, but you actually have to use some force to get the games out.

How We Tested

Credit: Reviewed.com / Kyle Hamilton

Testing involved taking the Switch in and out of the case and shaking the case around with the console inside of it (this is to simulate the everyday bumps of life).

The Testers

Hi, I’m Ashley Barry-Biancuzzo, the former laptop reviewer here at Reviewed and an editor of our Best Right Now buying guides. Whether it’s Legend of Zelda or Grand Theft Auto, I’ve played just about every video game out there, so I know first-hand how fragile gaming consoles are. That’s why I wanted to test the durability of Nintendo Switch cases. For me, a good case needs to fit my gaming console like a second skin.

And I’m Kyle Hamilton, product test technician of Reviewed labs. As someone who is also an avid gamer of any genre and on any platform, I always feel safer when my console of choice is protected from any clumsy mishaps. As someone who plays Super Smash Bros. Ultimate religiously, I couldn’t have been happier testing which Nintendo Switch Case could hold up to the task of keeping my smashing to a minimum. (pun intended)

The Tests

To determine durability and ease-of-use, we used each case for a day or two. Testing involved taking the Switch in and out of the case and shaking the case around with the console inside of it (this is to simulate the everyday bumps of life). We also took into account design, build quality, and features like extra pockets or compartments for storing game cartridges, joy cons, and SD cards.

What You Should Know About Nintendo Switch Cases

How Should a Nintendo Switch Case fit?

The Switch is an amazing piece of hardware, but it’s expensive and incredibly delicate. That’s why your case should fit the dimensions of your console. The better your case fits your console, the more protected it will be. However, it’s important to understand what these cases can and cannot do. They’re designed to absorb shocks from minor drops and repel a bit of water, but that’s about it. If you’re traveling with your console, we’d recommend sticking the case inside of a backpack for additional protection.

How Do I Clean a Nintendo Switch Case?

Before you clean your case, you’ll want to first remove your gaming console and put it somewhere far, far away (electronics and water don’t mix). We’d recommend spot cleaning the case with dish soap and warm water. You’ll want to make sure the case is completely dry before putting your Switch inside.

Other Nintendo Switch Cases We Tested

Tomtoc Slim Nintendo Switch Case

The Tomtoc case doesn’t hold as many games as other cases, but it’s still a personal favorite of mine. It's the thinnest case on this list, with a sophisticated design that doesn’t scream “gamer.” The one downside is that it only holds eight games and a Switch console. There's no storage pouch for additional accessories.

Hestia Goods Switch Carrying Case

For those that like options when they travel, the Hestia Goods case holds up to twenty game cartridges. Pack the whole game collection if you want to. For the low price point, it's not too shabby.

The thing we like best about it is the long pull tab that sits in the main cavity. This feature makes taking your Switch out of the case easy as pie. All you have to do is pull the tab towards you and out pops your beloved system.

PowerA Hybrid Cover

The PowerA hybrid cover is more of a screen protector than a traditional case, reminiscent of a Kindle cover. The material is nice and looks more expensive than it really is. We like how you can use it as a kickstand, too. Oh, and it comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth. Begone, finger smudges!

Ortz Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

The Ortz Gaming case holds up to twenty-nine games, which is great for international flights. I mean, variety is the spice of life, isn't it? The games also slide out pretty easily, so you don’t have to apply much force. The large mesh pocket is big enough for the Joy-Con controllers, earbuds, shiny trinkets, and so on.

There’s one snag, though. The pull tab doesn’t work as intended. You can't get a good grip because it’s just too short. You’re going to have to give the case a little shake to get the Switch console out. If you can look past this oversight, the Ortz Gaming case is a decent choice.

PDP Nintendo Switch Premium Travel Case

The PDP case is pretty standard as far as Switch cases go. We didn’t love it, but we didn’t hate it either. Instead of straps or velcro strips, the console goes inside a mesh bag. It’s a snug fit, which is all well and good, but the joysticks on the Joy-Con controllers catch on the mesh material. The material also leaves hairs on the console screen. It's a bit strange.

TechMatte Nintendo Switch amCase

The Techmatte case holds up to fourteen game cartridges and has a detachable wrist strap. Those features are neat, but we couldn’t really look past the flimsy straps inside the case. They’re just not strong enough to keep the Switch console in place, which kind of defeats the purpose. The case itself also has a little too much flex to it.

Hori Tough Pouch

The Hori Tough Pouch is the second thinnest case on this list. Like the Tomtoc case, you can easily slip it in your bag or purse. It only holds up to five games, though. So if you’re staying over a friend’s house and need a game or two to get you through the night, then this is a good choice.

Orzly Nintendo Switch Carry Case

While we liked the rubber material the Orzly case is made of, the fit is another matter. You can actually hear the console move around quite a bit if you shake the case back and forth. It may not be the best option if you're paranoid about your Switch.

Fintie Protective Case for Nintendo Switch

If you need a simple cover that’ll protect your Switch screen, the Finite cover is a good budget-friendly option. It's a snug fit and the cover comes in different colors, too.

However, the material feels like a cheaply-made wallet. I wouldn't expect this one to last more than a couple of months. The cover also works as a kickstand, but it's not very intuitive. It basically took two adult people to figure out how to use the kickstand.

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