4 Half-Baked Smart TV Features

Enough with the awful applications: The worst of television tacked-ons.

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The squad has seen its fair share of terrible TV features—too many to list, really. But we decided to document a few of the most half-baked extras that we saw while reviewing some smart TVs recently. Some of them may seem cool on paper, but really have no place on your television set. The tribulations brought on by these terrible TV trimmings have been outlined and amplified for you here. Our pain is always your pleasure!

Web Browsers


The magic of the Internet is dependent on the portal you choose to view it through. Smartphones transform the web into a heavenly angel, singing sweetly as you swipe through the wiki page for Are You Being Served? Using your TV remote to navigate the Web on your big-screen is a nightmare.


Set down your Playstation, toss out your Xbox, and wipe the Wii from your mind. The next step in video gaming has arrived, and it is Tiki 4...or not.


The games available on the Philips 5000 are as lifeless as the four stone gods you serve. Struggle with the lag inherent on all television remotes! Wonder how your life brought you into such a dark place! Find something else to do, quick!


Tiki 4 is indicative of most built-in TV games, and they're all less engaging than anything you'll find in the darkest corner of the App Store. Without a touchscreen, they're way too cumbersome.

"Relaxation" Channels

No, not Serenity on DVD. We're talking about peaceful vistas, the sound of the ocean waves tracing scores on the shore. There is an entire channel built into the Philips 5000 dedicated solely to providing you rest and/or relaxation.

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If anyone has ever used this odd feature and actually felt relaxed after fighting through pages of menus to gain access, then please comment below. Tell us your tale, and we will all benefit.

Watch Yourself Watching TV

Society has officially become too meta for its own good. The Samsung ES7500 is getting a leg up on the competition by offering you the most outlandish feature in any TV ever: The ability to watch yourself watch TV. Yes, this television lets you take pictures of yourself sitting on the couch, Ben & Jerry's tubs and all. Say cheese?

It hurts to think about this odd feature, let alone comprehend its deeper purpose. Instead, we've embarrassed ourselves by trying to work both the "touch-free" features of this television while having a candid photo shoot.


Does your TV have any superfluous, unnecessary, half-baked, or just plain dumb features? Tell us below!

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