Big Money Brings Boring YouTube Series to TV

How does an unknown, uninteresting web series like Recipe Rehab make it to ABC TV? When it's produced by a big-name TV production company in the first place.

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We've seen success stories like this before. Recipe Rehab joins the ranks of big YouTube stars such as The Annoying Orange and the omnipotent Fred empire. These syndicated adaptations have always fallen flat (though we can't blame The Annoying Orange sticking to what it knows best).

Could it happen to more worthy web series? The YouTube-dedicated show Epic Meal Time boasts over 2.75 million subscribers, and recently inked a deal with a production company, frighteningly known as [The Collective]("). They were behind the aforementioned Annoying Orange push to TV. Maybe it'll go better this time.

The most important thing to take away from Recipe Rehab's "rags to riches" story is that YouTube and syndicated television still remain almost entirely segregated. This is not a story of the little guys making it, this is just another piece of a production company's lineup. As money gets introduced, the D.I.Y. nature of YouTube is lost and shows simply fall apart. We're curious to see just how long Recipe Rehab lasts before the network stages an intervention.

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