CES Goes Bigger than Ever

The word "big" suits CES to a T this year, from celebrities to company egos.


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The biggest 4K LED TV. The biggest 4K O-LED TV. The world's biggest 3D video wall. Big deal. Big electronics companies like Samsung and Panasonic are obsessed with making the biggest statement. You'll need big earplugs just to walk past the main hall of CES.

TVs aren't the only enormous crowd-pleasers. Big celebrities with bigger paychecks sponsor the biggest bidders. Smaller booths try to play catchup with big "roadside attractions". Who wouldn't want to see the world’s biggest boombox or the world’s biggest handbag? Throw in a Bearded Lady or a Snake-Man and CES becomes the world’s biggest technological tourist trap.

We walked away with the world’s biggest headache. Groan.

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