High Noon for High-Res: A 4K TV Showdown

There's nothing wrong with early adoption if you know what you want.


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Recently, we reviewed our first two 4K TVs of 2014: the Panasonic TC-65AX800U and the Samsung UN65HU9000.

To the casual observer, these TVs probably look pretty similar.

Both are 65-inch behemoths with massive 4K resolutions—that's 3,840 by 2,160 pixels, by the way. Both are smart, both are 3D-ready, and both cost a pretty penny at $4,500 online. Perhaps most importantly, both of them are a huge step forward compared to 2013's 4K crop.

Naysayers insist that it's too soon to jump on the 4K TV bandwagon, but it's never too soon if you have money to spend and you know what you want.

Despite all of their similarities, these 4K displays from Samsung and Panasonic are fundamentally different machines.

Case in point: If you like to watch in the dark, where you can appreciate plasma-like black levels, the Panasonic AX800U ought to catch your eye. But if you're dead set on knockout overall performance, flexibility, and sexy curves, the HU9000 is your best bet.

Want to learn a little more about these two heavyweights? Want to see them in action? Check out the video we put together. And remember: Even if these TVs are way out of your budget, it doesn't cost a thing to daydream.

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