Our favorite streaming device is at a new low price on Amazon

Today's deal will give you an excuse to finally cut the cable cord.

Ready to cut the cable cord? Credit: A454 / Getty Images

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If you're ready to "cut the cord" with your cable provider, or want to upgrade your streaming device, today is a great day to shop.

The Roku Premiere and Premiere+ are at new low prices on Amazon. They're typically priced at $79 and $99, respectively. Right now you can get the Premiere for $69 and the Premiere+ for $79.

Both streaming devices offer easy access to apps like Netflix, and 4K video capabilities. They're also ideal for 1080p if you don't own a 4K TV yet.

Our experts recommend the Premiere+ as the best overall streaming device. You get the upgraded Roku remote, which you can point anywhere to operate, and a headphone jack for listening to your TV wirelessly.

Get the Premiere from Amazon for $69.

Get the Premiere+ from Amazon for $79.

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