Samsung Inches Ahead with a New 85" Display

The picture quality on the 85" Samsung S9 is nice, but do we really need that metallic jungle-gym that surrounds it?


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Samsung’s Monday press conference involved a gaggle of pseudo-celebrities, visibly reading questions off cue cards about what technology could do for them. Samsung’s answer? Everything! And more! Always more! Indeed, Samsung will rule over your culinary exploits and DJ gigs with the arsenal of a thousand nerdy gods!


TV is clearly (and sensibly) a giant part of Samsung’s 2013 mission, and it was characterized as the center of the modern household. In some ways, it is, but the assertion that the brand new 85-inch Ultra High Definition (UHD) UN85S9 TV (specs) is a “timeless,” “evolving” addition to the living room is perhaps, silly. The unit stood housed in a giant, metallic easel that few would consider an ideal match for their decor.

Let us be clear, though: the picture quality on the S9 TV looks incredible. Motion evokes the sensation of physical reality, and the colors leap off the screen with striking vitality, which is all the more impressive amidst the dark, crowded environ of the press hall in which the unveiling occurred. Clearly, this beast is meant to compete with LG’s recent, equally massive 84-inch unit. (By the way, isn’t it fitting that the latest Samsung Ultra High Def is just one inch wider than arch rival LG’s?).

Frustratingly, Samsung provided nothing by way of pricing or availability, but they did point out that each of its new televisions will be equipped with new Voice Interaction technology, which is basically like Siri for your TV.

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