This breathtaking OLED TV is down to its lowest price ever

A great choice if you've been drooling over OLED

Credit: / Lee Neikirk

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While it may not be a brand-spanking-new 4K/HDR OLED, the 55-inch EG9100 is still a bloody OLED, and you can get it at its lowest price ever. This is a 2015 model and it's had a while to drop in price from the original $2,500—but at a little under $1,400 it's selling for almost half of the original price.

Are there drawbacks here? Sure. It's not 4K and doesn't play content in the HDR format, so it's not the most future-facing product out there. Also, it's a curved model, which purists may turn their noses up at. On the other hand, 55 inches is plenty big, and the full-HD (1080p) resolution you get will still look great where 90% of movies, TV shows, and video games are concerned.

In fact, this one's an especially good choice for pairing with a classic Xbox One or PS4 console, both of which only output in 1080p resolution anyway. We wouldn't normally recommend a 2015 1080p TV, but when it comes to OLED, the vastly superior picture quality makes it worth the trade in newer features. Read our full review for more details.

Buy the 55-inch EG9100 OLED, $1,346.99 (save $1,153)

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