What to Watch for at IFA 2013: Electronics Edition

Giant TVs, new phablets, and what will my wrist look like next year?


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IFA, Europe’s biggest tech show, is set to commence today, kicking off with two full days of press conferences where manufacturers try to wow us with their latest and greatest. The trending topics in electronics this week: giant TVs, new phablets, and what will my wrist look like next year?

Samsung is once again shouting the loudest with the highly anticipated, but not yet official, Galaxy Gear smart watch. (It may or may not look like this.) We’ll be heading over to the company’s glitzy announcement event tonight, September 4th, in the heart of Berlin.

We're looking forward to the "stupidly big" 98-inch UHD from Samsung

In TVs, we’re looking forward to the "stupidly big" 98-inch UHD from Samsung (thanks to The Inquirer for that succinct description). Also arriving from South Korea, LG has officially announced a flat OLED that comes wrapped in a stylish picture frame. No prices on either of those yet. Philips has an award-winning 4K TV, but since it’s not destined for the U.S. market, we’re limiting ourselves to “mildly curious.”

Because we’re in an off year for the biannual Photokina show, we’re also expecting a few camera announcements. Rumors have been swirling for months about a big Sony product announcement involving phones and cameras (together at last!), and we’re expecting Ricoh to drop something a little crazy. We saw a prototype 360-degree camera at the Pentax booth back at CP+ in February—an oddly memorable concept that we’re hoping Ricoh can make good on.


We saw a prototype of Ricoh's 360-degree camera at CP+ this winter. We're hoping to see a consumer-ready version at IFA.

We’re always inundated with phone and tablet announcements at IFA, so expect a slew of those. This year, LG and Samsung are duking it out for attention. LG has already announced the flagship G2 smartphone and G Pad 8.3 tablet. Samsung will counter with the Galaxy Note 3 phablet, which is expected to premiere alongside its wrist-sized cousin at the Unpacked event tonight. Acer is throwing its hat in the ring, too. The company’s Liquid S2 smartphone can shoot 4K video, which might be useful if anyone owned a 4K TV yet.

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