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Netflix Completely Dominates Hulu, Amazon, and Other Streaming Services

The latest stats on video streaming show that Netflix is crushing its competitors.


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Sure, streaming video services like Hulu and Amazon Instant Video are contributing to the disruption of traditional TV and movie distribution models. But the latest stats demonstrate what we already knew: Netflix is ripping the competition to shreds.

AllThingsD reports that Netflix accounted for a whopping 32.25% of prime-time video traffic over fixed (non-mobile) broadband connections so far in 2013. That's nearly twice as much as YouTube (17.11%), and way, way beyond "me-too" services like Hulu (2.41%) and Amazon (1.31%). So while most stories on the streaming video revolution are quick to note that Netflix isn't the only game in town, it's the only one that really matters right now.

Netflix accounted for a whopping 32.25 percent of prime-time video traffic so far in 2013

On the mobile side, YouTube holds a similarly dominant position, churning out 27.33 percent of the downstream share. Netflix gets about 4 percent, which doesn't seem like much, but mobile users tend to watch short clips, instead of shows and movies.

Via: AllThingsD, Sandvine

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