Netflix Makes Your Day, Adds Final Breaking Bad Episodes

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Fans of dark, addictive TV drama rejoice: For the first time, the entire run of Breaking Bad is now available on Netflix.

As part of its partnership with AMC, Netflix added the last eight episodes of the show’s fifth season on Monday, completing its catalog of what many consider one of the greatest TV programs of all time.

Though Netflix has helped create a culture of binge-watching TV shows, it can also be a source of frustration when the entire run of a show isn’t yet available. Following four and a half seasons of Walter White’s life only to run into a dead-end at episode 9 is a nightmare—a bit like getting 90% of the way through a novel only to find the last 10% has been cut out.

But today is the day our long national nightmare finally ends. So if you’re a cord-cutter who has somehow managed to escape all the spoilers, or someone who’s just been waiting for the entire show to be ready for easily digestible binge consumption, now is your time.

Via: Mashable

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