Ridiculously Large TV Dwarfs You, Me, Several Elephants

We've seen some really big TVs, but nothing like this.

An illustration of the Titan Zeus TV compared to an elephant. Credit:

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Some manufacturers seem to have just one guiding principle: Extravagance is next to godliness.

Well, this here $1.6 million 370-inch (26- by 16-foot) TV is about the most extravagant television we’ve ever seen. It makes complete sense that it's named after a race of immortal giants and the ancient Greek "father of gods and men."

To be clear, the Titan Zeus is not a fancy projector system. It’s an honest-to-goodness television panel with 4K-equivalent resolution and a slightly unusual 4:3 aspect ratio. And it just happens to be twice the height of an Indian elephant.

As you can imagine, the $1.6 million price tag doesn’t exactly have these things flying off the shelves, but UK-based Titan confirmed to Engadget that at least one of these behemoths has actually been sold to an anonymous customer—most likely Scrooge McDuck. Imagine the home theater system this mysterious buyer must have bought to accompany such a behemoth.

We won't be testing the Titan Zeus any time soon, seeing as it's nearly the size of our entire lab.

A second Titan Zeus was on display in Cannes, France, for this year’s film festival. Really, that's exactly where you'd expect a display of such massive, ostentatious proportions to be housed.

It’s safe to say that we at won't be reviewing the Titan Zeus any time soon, seeing as it's nearly the size of our entire testing lab. But if you made it to Cannes this year, be sure to let us know what you thought.

Via: Engadget

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