Samsung Flexes Muscle, Builds Flexible OLED Factory

LG has a head start on flexible OLED tech, but Samsung is gearing up.


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Last week, Korean industry watchdog Business Korea broke the news that Samsung Electronics is investing in a flexible OLED production line that could be up and running by the end of the year.

Industry experts believe that the so-called "A3" production line will be used to manufacture flexible screens for everything from wearable tech, to phones, to big-screen televisions.

Samsung is no stranger to OLED: The company uses the technology for various phones and TVs already. But so does LG, with leading products like its curved EA9800 OLED television and, most notably, its bendable G Flex smartphone—the only bendable mobile that money can currently buy.

Add to that persistent rumors about flexible-screen devices from Apple, and it's no surprise to see Samsung rushing to build a flexible OLED production line. LG has the lead for now, but it appears the battle for bendy supremacy is about to heat up.

Via: Business Korea

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