Samsung Unveils Bendable LED TV for the Korean Market

Cool tech, but what's the endgame?


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Samsung is no stranger to outsized, wholly impractical TVs. Last month, the Korean electronics giant unveiled a massive 105-inch, “5K” display available on a built-to-order basis. The price? Oh, just $119,999.99. And the company's endlessly impressive curved OLED display is also pretty inaccessible at $9,000.

This week, Samsung added yet another TV to its array of prohibitively expensive televisions. This one is a 78-inch fully bendable LED display available only in Korea.

We’ve seen the concept before. The company showed off an 85-inch version of the same product at this year’s CES. At that point, it was merely a proof-of-concept design.

samsung bendable LED.jpg

So how does it work? With the aid of embedded motors, the entire panel structure (and the bezels, too) can bend back and forth between flat and curved states.

Okay great, but why would anyone want a curved TV in the first place—especially since this particular model will reportedly cost upward of $30,000?

The idea is that curved displays make each part of the screen equidistant from the viewer's eye, thereby enhancing the viewer experience. Frankly, it also just looks cool.

If curved displays are something you’re into, keep your eyes on the real prize: OLED.

There's no word yet on availability outside Korea, but if curved displays are something you’re into, keep your eyes on the real prize: OLED. Samsung’s curved OLED TV, for example, is amazing not because of the curved design, but because of the OLED technology that affords it incredibly deep blacks, vibrant colors, and fantastic contrast.

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This spring, Business Korea reported that Samsung plans to launch a flexible OLED production line—a move that ramps up the battle with LG, which thus far has had a leg up on the tech.


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