Save $500 on this awesome 65-inch 4K HDR Samsung smart TV

I regret paying the same price for a much smaller Samsung in 2012.

Credit: / Lee Neikirk

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P.C. Richard & Son has the Samsung UN65KU6300 available for $799.97 right now, which is $300 less than the nearest retail competitor and $500 off the TV's list price of $1,300. CRIKEY, THAT'S A HOT DEAL!

To wit, I paid the same price for a big, ugly 15-inch-smaller not-4K Samsung dumb TV in 2012—that should illustrate what a good deal this is. Oh, you also get free shipping! You have to progress all the way to the checkout phase to see the price, by the way.

Buy the 65-inch Samsung KU6300, $800 (save $500)

I reviewed the 50-inch KU6300 in November last year and found it to be simply an awesome TV. It's not a premium HDR set like last year's quantum dot-equipped SUHD TVs from Samsung, but it still supports the HDR10 format and boasts 4K resolution and good color production.

The step-up KU6500 series is curved, which you probably don't want. The KU6300 or "6 Series" is one of the best non-SUHD TV series from Samsung's 2016 lineup.

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