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Whether it's an old jalopy or a brand new Ferrari, you love your car. if you want to keep the interior clean, you need a vacuum cleaner that can get into small spaces and clean out the dirt. This means either getting one that offers a long hose, or a small, portable cleaner that can get in and out.

Cars are full of small nooks and crannies that can harbor dirt, dust and other grunge. This means that you can't use an upright vacuum cleaner as there simply isn't room to get it into the spaces that need cleaning. So, you need either a canister or upright cleaner with an excellent hose cleaning feature, or a smaller, portable cleaner that is small enough to maneuver between the seats.

Upright & Canister Cleaners

If you want to clean the family home as well, you should go for an upright or canister that includes a good hose cleaning feature. Look for one that offers a long, flexible hose and at least a couple of cleaning tools, such as small nozzle for cleaning in the foot wells and a small brush tool for cleaning the seats. To make it easier to get in and out of the car and to maneuver within, you should look for one that has a small handle that will be easier to get between seats and into the trunk.

Portable Cleaners

These cleaners are great for cars because they are small, allowing you to maneuver the entire thing into the car to clean. They often perform less well than their larger cousins, though, so they may not be suitable for doubling up as both car and house cleaners. Keep an eye on how far your closest outlet is to the car, as you may need an extension cord. Be careful cleaning hard plastics and other easily-scratched surfaces, as some vacuum cleaner tools can gouge them. Even if your dashboard is dusty, it's sometimes best to use a cleaning cloth.

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